Alan Colmes Finally Blows A Gasket


Alan Colmes

The Saudi financeers at Fox News must be tightening the screws. For the past several years I have generally preferred the even-handed approach of Alan Colmes when tackling those issues which vex us—even when I have disagreed with him—to the bone-gnarling pit bull tactics of GOP shill Sean Hannity. But lately, Mr. Colmes seems to be losing his cool balance, if not his entire perspective, as he ramps up his engagement tactics to match those of his desk pal. Perhaps it's merely the stress of the election cycle that's affecting our liberal friend, but let us again witness this ridiculous exchange between himself and noted Islamic terrorism expert Steve Emerson on Friday night's Hannity and Colmes broadcast.

After some preliminary chat with Hannity, Emerson, rarely in hostile waters when asked by the Fox News spin cycle to opine on the latest Islamic outrage, easily eviscerates the Leftist notion that the terms "radical Islam" or "Islamofascism" are a slam on all Muslims. From where I'm sitting, the linguistic pallor cast by the usually balanced Alan Colmes in trying to defend the religion of Mohammedans, easily outstrips the bogus intellectual posture reminiscent of former President Bill Clinton when publically parsing the territory of "is" several years ago. Watch the bellicose Colmes shred his creds in the clip below:

The clip doesn't show it, but Hannity again repeats the tired and misleading 'extremists have perverted Islam' and 'their twisted version of Islam' apologia that anyone who has actually studied the texts and actions of Islam without the usual perfidies of taqiyya and kitman—that double whammy technique of war that deceitful propagandists of Islam and their allies on the Western Left (and Right) use to distort reality, have long ago dismissed. And we might note that while Colmes, Jewish himself, weaponizes this thin argument in defense of Islam, but almost never does he support Christians or Jews in their own religious inertias.

In fact, according to noted conservative writer David Horowitz, the very term “Islamo-Fascism” was coined by moderate Muslims who were being slaughtered in Algeria during the 1990s.

The PC crowd gets all excited and nervous (inward cowardice) when one discusses Islam, a subject which is impossible to discuss for more than five minutes without having to discuss its obvious attributes: fascism, terrorism, intolerance, calls for genocide, et cetera; otherwise no conversation could ever take place in the first place.

War by any other name?

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