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WELL, HERE'S ANOTHER SNIPPET I found from the past. Turns out Miller didn't run. Turns out I never heard another word about this Dennis Miller for US Senate blip on the radar.

Dateline, September 29, 2003. Whoops, there it is! I couldn't believe it. I tune in to Fox News this morning and hear within the first few minutes that Dennis Miller, yes, THAT Dennis Miller, former ABC Monday Night Football color man, erudite comedian, and political wit of some regard, is actually considering a run for the US Senate on the Republican ticket! Amazing! Just last week, on September 22, in this column, I postulated a Miller candidacy, and one week later, whammo, it's a serious matter in the news. I tell you folks. I had absolutely no idea, had heard absolutely zero rumors, floaters, or jokes ever mentioning a hint of anything Miller might mosh within the political arena. My addendum on the 22nd was simple wishful thinkful on my part after catching a segment with Dennis somewhere on the tube, an old rerun probably.


Dennis Miller

So the headlines are this: Dennis Miller wants to unseat two-term Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer in what used to be a hugely democratic California, after this governorship recall thing is old news. By the way, Dennis is working on Arnold's behalf in that race.

Probably all hinges of how Swartzenegger fares in about eight days.

But we all know where I stand on the issue of "Tell it like it is" Dennis Miller taking down a seat usually reserved for the tired old hacks of the two major parties. Miller is surely no painted saint when tallied by so-called political criteria, or perhaps he is. Was Dennis Miller the secret SNL straight-edger? I certainly don't think Miller was any John Beluschi in terms of rocking while you're dropping, but surely he's no Orin Hatch, either. A man of his generation, as they like to say.

The question remains, will whistle blower extraordinaire Dennis Miller cave to political pressures to conform, and be forced to plop the political powdered wig on his big Hollywood head, and quietly play the hypocrits game as the powers that be always insist, or is this "radical middle" movement actually beginning to take root in this country?

Certainly I'm no Matt Drudge on this political beat, and Miller must have been pondering his own hat-tossing for far longer than the seven days which have passed since I put out my own obscure feeler last week, but I must have sniffed something in the air, folks, seriously.

This is actually the second time in my life that Dennis Miller has eerily poked his head into the mind and matters of your humble correspondent. But I've got to find that old Dennis Miller comedy CD so I can get the facts absolutely straight, and report the early 90s Miller-Thy synchronity in all its shock and awe detail. There was some joke with a punchline that had something to do with an unidentified loud-mouth at a party bragging about knowing RuPaul back in Atlanta before New York and all the fame that followed. Damn, I AM that yahoo, and have the unfinished manuscript and old Wee Wee Pole flyer to prove it! Give me a day or two. I'm off to paint some lampshades now.

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