African Press International

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

MICHELLE ROBINSON OBAMA APPARENTLY is angry again. In a rather frightening but revealing article, the African Press International has claimed that it received a telephone call from the would-be First Lady who proceeded to drop a few bombs, including a few choice words on Obama's citizenship controversy, the so-called racist blogosphere, some unspecified evil people, Louis Farrakhan's premature support, and the API's conspiracy against supporting her husband his elevation for the office he seeks (or more to the point, is entitled to hold).

Be sure to read the comment section, as well. If this API organization is legitimate and if this report is truthful, it is not an illusion to think that the chips may fall in the streets and neighborhoods of America before things get better. Perhaps it's time to turn one's focus to particle physics.

Couple this with Jesse Jackson's recent comments in France, reported by the New York Post as strongly anti-semitic and anti-Israel (which Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson damn well knows sunk his own campaign for the White House), then we seem to have a growing discontent and a thickening plot within the African American community to sabotage the Obama candidacy.

But then, so much has gone unnoticed or covered up with regards to the Obama campaign, why should these latest two wrinkles sully the spotless cloth that is Barack Obama?

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