Beginning A Prayer, Ending A Truce

I HAVE A CONCERN. I am concerned that very man, woman and child on the face of this place deserves my love, or at least, my respect. I intend with every act of every day to exhibit this personal concern of mine. In the face of confrontation, I put no concern on my own background, nor that of others, of my own person, unequal to others.

I accept the adjudication that excuses, lame or marathon perceptive, for not following through with this concern will not cover me. I expect my work to counter any effort to sabotage this concern wherever it prides or disables itself.

Education is not the source, education is a derivative, mere gamesmanship on the slanted field of opportunity. Justice, unfortunately is a minefield, where the only sure thing is a forgotten thing.

I have confessed my concern, but slogans are merely wordsuck.

Hallowed be thy name...

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