A Point Of Reference


Young Western Couple

JUST BECAUSE THE PARTY LINE Nazis and Orthodox Jews believe in something usually referred to as "family values" does not mean that they share a fundamental basis for common ground. The underlying dogmas and not any similarities on a few matchsticks in the box are the issue. Generalizations based on a few similarities between two things mean nothing with regard to sameness of the things. All terms used must be carefully defined and the reasons for any superficial similarities must be subjected to rigorous analysis before two things can be said to be compatible.

¿Comprendez, Muslims, lefties, righties, and rabbits of the hole? Watch out for double meanings, taqiyya, an Arabic word, much in play today in many circles, not just Arabic ones, watch out, my much learned diplomats, for you know not what you see or hear. Logic is no substitute for knowing thine enemy down to the least of his strategic molecules as well as he knows yours. watch out, for you never know just whom might turn out to be the enemy, and you can't measure them all. Truth is the only key...

From the Project Scenewash archives. Originally published January 30, 2007.

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