World War II Also A Disaster?

Here's an interesting take on an old debate offered up by a Human Events reader from the Great State of Ohio, backing up former Nixon speechwriter, former presidential candidate, and current MSNBC political pundit Patrick Buchanan once again on the "unnecessary war" the latter believes the Second (and First, for that matter) World War to have been.


Hardly A Solution

AMERICA'S ENTRY into WWII was a total disaster. (Sure, all wars are unnecessary, until they are not, say I.)

The war started when Germany invaded Poland. After millions dead on both sides at the end of the war Poland was turned over to the Soviets. We never even accomplished the initial goal!

Adolph Hitler wanted to deport the Jews. Awful yes, but if we would have accepted them we would have gotten a million educated immigrants. Better than the millions of uneducated immigrants we get today. After Hitler's death the Germans would have gotten back to sanity. With the death of millions of Europeans, the Middle Eastern nations were able to rise to more power. This is also the reason millions of Muslims have been immigrating to Europe.

With the invasion of Muslims and the low birth rate of Europeans indigenous Europe will cease to exist in a generation. WWII may have very well be the seed that lead to the extinction of indigenous Europe. Remember the Holocaust didn't start until well after the war started and might never had happened if there had not been a war. So don't use the Holocaust as a reason for the war.

The Japanese front is even a more obvious failure. We never should have stuck our nose into the orient's business. We kicked the Japanese out of China, thus letting the Communist take over. This lead to Mao's murder of about 100 million Chinese. This is no improvement over the Japanese controlling China. The new Japanese Empire would have collapsed eventually, like all empires do. We didn't need to kill millions to speed it up.

Millions dead for no improvement at all and probably made things worse. This is nobody's definition of success.

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