Willing The Milquetoast Deliverance


The Milquetoast Preident...

CONSERVATIVE GEORGE F. WILL takes no prisoners in rebuffing hapless liberalista Ariana Huffington but good a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning political chat roundtable. Does it matter what specific topic they had agreed to disagree? Not in the long scheme of things where stone-eyed pundits are the prognosticating meteorologists of politics. The distinction made here between Will and Huffington is one of subtlety broken down into competing gains of arrogant humility and humble arrogance, distinctions of style in taking measure of whatever milquetoast affair prompted their respective linguistic dances. The Left likes to pretend that showing respect (which either comes off like paternalism or the equally inconvenient kowtow) is all that matters in overcoming international hostility. Unfortunately, there is little example of that happening in nature except among the chattering classes whose weapon of choice remains the knife in the back of opponents and allies alike.

You've got to love the true Western pacifist grounded in personal strength and unassailable character, but can you actually find one, other than the Amish perhaps?

Indeed, there are pacifists who are crippled by their own flaws and lack of courage. There are pacifists who are vicious to their core while touting a mystical peace, despising their own brethren while ignoring the disgrace of the enemy, and there are smorgasbord pacifists who simply prefer pet causes over any sort of comprehensive worldview.

Each of these phony pacifists and appeasers is pacifist in name only, and all generally subscribe to the concept of social engineering any way they can get it. The Buddhist zen master, who cares not a wit for the kingdoms of humanity, yet is willing to strike a balance, willing to assume the milquetoast deliverance, is however, rather scarce on the national stage we've noticed. But before we find ourselves bogged down in the subtle sophistication required of all participants involved in political snipe hunts, let's just say I liken the word milquestoast to the word quarantine. Old words that don't get enough exercise these days.

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