We Must Awaken!

Slaves of Allah, Prince of Darkness

Slaves of Allah—Prince of Darkness

There are children of light and there are children of darkness, and this has nothing to do with skin color, or even the content of one's character, as Martin Luther King once put it, for even character is measured against a specific set of values. And it is values we are discussing here. The gist of Western values versus the gist of Islamic values.

The coordinator of the Centre for the Protection of Freedom of Conscience and Religion (DEVAMM) in Azerbaijan it seems is not so keen on Salmon Rushdie or the Queen's freedom of conscience in knighting him this past week.

“Such measures can be the cause of the strengthening aggression of the West against Islam. They provoke Muslims. Muslims should be very careful, watchful and cold-blooded," says Ilqar Ibrahimoglu, the coordinator.

This comment is par for the course. In every corner of the planet wherever Muhammadans are provoked they go on a killing spree. Sometimes as individuals. Sometimes as a mob. Which begs the question: do Muslims ever wonder about how their own self-righteous aggression is provoking the West?

In January 1861, James Russell Lowell said of the slave holders in the Old South: "What they demand of us is nothing less than that we should abolish the spirit of the age. Our very thoughts are a menace."

For years the Slaveocracy attempted to silence all criticism of slavery (the "gag rules") in Congress and in society in general. They wanted all critical thinking re their belief-system banned. They demanded their culture be respected and not subjected to critical thinking. It was no exaggeration when Lowell said of them "Our very thoughts are a menace". That was the real basis of the Civil War.

What Lowell said applies to Islam today. They cannot tolerate critical thinking. However, the bumper-sticker "Islamophobia" response to critical thinking of Islam is wearing thin among unbelievers (and even with many Muslims). Freedom is about the mind. "Our very thoughts are a menace" to the Azeri Muslim leader and Muslims like him. That's the issue.

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