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The following immersion piece is from a contributor to Jihad Watch:

The sneering supremacist delusions systemic in Islam were and are at their core the engine of Arab Imperialism. The Ottomans were also Imperialists destroying "indigenous cultures", "indigenous peoples".

It is true that history is the story of Imperialism, a record of the subduing, the conquest, the removal and often the actual extermination of "indigenous cultures", "indigenous peoples". The Aztecs, the Arabs, the British, the Manchu, Chinese, Japanese, Spaniard, etc. have all engaged in this all too human behavior.

However, the Arabs, the Ottomans and Muslims in general never apologize for the crimes they commit and have comitted in history. From North Africa to Spain, to India, to the Sudan, to invasions of Europe, Muslims have engaged in mass murder, exploitation of unbelievers (Arab Muslims were deeply involved in the slave trade), and the record of crimes in the name of this belief-system cry to heaven for vengeance.

All supremacist-pigs (every group has engaged in these crimes) rewrite history to sanitize their crimes and rationalize them by explaining how good it was for the victims. I suppose even the Nazis would have done this eventually. This is the pattern of all history. However, Muslims (especially the Arabs) still engage in these rationalizations for Imperialism.

Again, only Muslims (especially the Arabs and Ottomans) never apologize for their crimes. Why? Because they still hold the delusion of their supremacism and still require that all bow to Mecca. Probably only the very ruthless use of force and devastating destruction (as Sherman did in the Slave states) will finally rip to shreds the engine of Arab Imperialism.


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