Thune Claims "Obama Experiment Has Failed'

IN A SEARING CRITICISM, South Dakota Sen. John Thune likened the Obama administration to a science project gone wrong as he used the Republicans' weekly radio address to urge voters to back a new kind of change this November.

"The Obama experiment has failed," Thune said in the address.

With both parties shaping their closing arguments just ahead of the midterm elections, Thune charged that the health care changes and financial regulations and stimulus spending, all backed by Washington Democrats have not turned the economy around.

"One of the Democrats' main responsibilities over the past two years was to improve the economy. Instead, they decided to try an experiment to grow government, raise taxes, and take over health care," he said. Thune said the approach ended up "openly hostile" toward business, contributing to the weak economic recovery.

"The Democrats have controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress for nearly two years, and have proven that more government is not the answer," he said, calling for a "new direction."

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