Those Nasty Islamic Tantrums


Death threats for suggesting that Islam ain't so peaceful...

OFT REPEATED ON "Islam Watch" sites like this one, but these are excellent points made by an insightful fellow called Rab:

  • It often strikes me that Islam is like a spoiled child.
  • Always throwing tantrums if it doesn’t get what it wants.
  • Any parent will tell you that it’s often easier to just give in for the sake of a little peace and quiet.
  • Anything for an easy life.
  • The child learns from this. It knows that if it kicks and screams and shouts “I want it! I want it! I want it!” often enough and loud enough, it will win the day.
  • Spoiled children come to think that the normal rules of social behaviour don’t apply to it. No punching, No Biting, No Screaming? Hey, dem rules are for the other saps. Me? I can do anything.
  • Eventually though, the parent learns too.
  • They learn that by giving in, the child loses all respect for their authority.
  • They learn that by giving in, the child’s behaviour simply worsens and it starts to take even bigger liberties with your patience.
  • They learn that the only way to treat tantrums is to ignore them.
  • They learn that a child who always gets his own way quickly grows into an insufferable bully.
  • Unfortunately, the patient parental West hasn’t yet reached that turning point yet and until it does the spoiled brats of Islam will continue to demand special treatment for them whilst ignoring any reciprocal requests for the kind of good and respectful behaviour expected of all other members of society.

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