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Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice

STILL THE SILLINESS. The world is in crisis, charged with confusion and bullying. And did I mention that China just blasted a satellite out of the sky with a new missle test launch? Fortunately the satellite was their own aging weather satellite. And yet, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice proclaims that Sunni and Shi'ite Muslims are "going to have to overcome" their differences. This statement comes merrily down the pike despite 1,400 years of hostility rooted in what each sect views as divine revelation. An absolute non-starter. A bogus analysis of where the buffalo roam...

Voice 1: We will have no peace until all religions die. Superstition has only turned man against man. I long for the day when humanity stops believing in imaginary friends.

Voice 2: Religion is not the issue. Other than Islam, no religion is targeting others. No other religion claims that it owns the world, and no other religion promises a better afterlife by killing non-believers. Yes, the issue of conversions does come up sometimes, but it can, and should be resolved sooner rather than laterif we, the Infidels, are to win this war. Most of us do not realize it still, but this war is now about our survival.

Voice 3: The West will need to overcome the idea that this Islamic split can be resolved. That's as assinine as telling the Catholics and Lutherans in the 16th century to shake hands and forget what drove them apart. Very naive.

Voice 4: Silence is the enemy because the enemy wishes to silence.

Over hill and dale, from the shores of competitive liberty to the shores of brutal oppression, everywhere the eye steals and anywhere the ear reveals, it's the eternal countdown to Armadeggon on the march. Do you know where your voice is?

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