The Transparent President

Malcolm X-Obama

By Any Means Necessary?

IT IS HIGHLY UNUSUAL that the Obama campaign would choose to first publish Obama's "Certification of Live Birth" (COLB) NOT on its own campaign website, but, on Daily Kos, a hard-left website, and then later adopt the Daily Kos document as its own "official" copy.

Since Obama chose to publish his alleged COLB on a public non-campaign website, Daily Kos, he has waived all rights of privacy to it!

Let's See It, Mr. O! Produce your actual Birth Certificate not just a COLB of dubious origin (which can be issued to non-citizens)! In addition, the State of Hawaii Health Director waived the privacy privilege by making official public statements about the COLB.

—Patriot Skyline

THERE SHOULD HAVE BEEN no right to privacy in the first place. There is certain criteria to meet to stand for election to the highest office in this land. There was general knowledge and immediate concerns that warranted the public airing of Mr. Obama's birth records. But political operatives at every level straight up to the Supreme Court of the United States have stonewalled common sense, and legal precedent. The man is obviously hiding facts that make him ineligible to hold the office to which he aspired.

Yet another unconstitutional outrage from the first Marxist American President...

Yes, these Marxists do "get" it. This is THEIR plan to bring America to its own wobbly knees. Just watch Obama, and his smirking grin...

He knows the plan is working, is pretty damn well on track and in due time the neutron bomb of Obama's monomaniacal politics will render us helpless. It's a constitutional outrage the way this stealth takeover of our government is operating, an administration that promised transparency, but what Obama really meant was his government would be invisible.

Can you say czarism?

Craig on July 18th, 2009 3:04 PM posted the following on another site in response to another poster named Heather, who is quoted immediately below in response to the call for sunshine on Obama's right to govern...

“Obama is all you have, so instead of bitching about it, get behind him.”
—Heather Hetherington

We obviously have diametrically opposed points of view and manny of us do not feel helpless like you.

If BHO was born in HI, we will drop that issue. But he is not “all that we have”. There are the legislative and judicial branches of our government that we will not let him marginalize or subvert. While some elements of the Opposition will challenge BHo in a principled but genteel fashion, there will be a more robust Opposition that will do everything legal to kick this Marxist counter-revolutionary to the curb and then kick him and Rahmbo some more, till we have the type of patriotic Americans administering our Republic for which our Founding Fathers fought and died.

We are waging a fight to the death for the continuation of our Republic. You can fight with us, fight against us, or sit on the back porch, but we will not drink the hemlock of neo-Marxism and statism while BHO says, “It is good drink and all of your problems will go away.”

"The birth-certificate controversy is about Obama’s honesty, not where he was born."

Meanwhile, in a surprising shift of position, the respected Andrew C. McCarthy of the National Review Online pens an excellent comprehensive opinion on why the Obama birth certificate issue has already served to root out certain truths about this president, and given the resistance of his administration to release information on other still troubling details of his life as they impact on his status as an honest man, why the issue should remain on the front burner until the American people know the full extent of their relationship with a man who promised us transparency...

Read it HERE.

The Transparent President? Yep. He's transparent, alright.

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