The Taliban Reign Of Terror

From the haunts of Hell brought to us by those who believe in their religion more than they allow others to believe in theirs as if God does not frown upon all religions as abominations and perversions of the truth.


Muslim Rage. There's Nothing Else Like It On The Planet!

PESHAWAR—Girls’ education remained the prime victim in Swat where over 119,248 females in private and public sector schools have been affected while 122 schools for females and 65 others for boys destroyed since the ongoing violence erupted in the town, a study disclosed.

Two police stations, 12 police posts, 80 video centres, around 300 CD shops, 25 barbershops, 24 bridges, 15 basic health units, an electricity grid station and a main gas supply line were either destroyed or severely damaged by the militants during the past few months’ violence in once the tourist haven. Two cable networks were closed while another was blown up in the district during the recent past.

The study carried out by some non-government organizations reveals that 700 hotels were closed in the area that made 30,000 workers jobless....

Containing them and fighting them by proxy might be the most efficient way to win. To try to civilize Islam is perhaps a Sisyphean task. But simply contrive to turn Islam's own ugly fangs against itself, and maybe Muslims would finally learn, and learn more swiftly, than they could from democratization and education efforts. And that is how Christian-inspired authors (among others) often arrange to have the bad guy punished: at his own hands.

In some of the more interesting theologies, the divine doesn't punish. God doesn't create hell. God merely sets bounds to hell, so that hell won't spread over the whole world. And the boundaries are not impassible, provided one who is accustomed to hell can bear to leave and can then endure the more powerful experiences of heaven. (See The Great Divorce, a brilliant, witty, allegory by C.S. Lewis.)


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