The Taffy Pull Of Muslim Science

cult of surprise

Islam's Cult of Surprise

With all the Orwellian distortions by Muslim apologists of Islamic contributions to hard science filtering in from the Twilight Zone of lates, here is another keen impression from a reader named Jerome From Layton:

Actually, I think that there are two sides to this "Middle Eastern Science" question. During the early Middle Ages, there was a higher level of freedom of action within the areas under Islam than in Europe. This meant that the Arabs, Persians, Egyptions, etc. could participate in commerce, technology, and science as long as they didn't threaten the position of Islam. And, yes, there are Arabic words in our scientific lexicon such as alcohol which was identified as a specific chemical after the Arabs invented distillation. A huge number of stars are derived from Arabic names which helps explain why they are so hard to pronounce. The Church demeaned the Arabic numbering system that the whole world uses today as "vulgar mathematics". While the Greeks invented concepts such as pi and geometry, the Arabs gave us the word "algebra". So far, so good, then something changed.

I suspect that change happened when the Islamic forces started losing. It took them a couple hundred years to realize that they lost the initiative after they were beaten by Charles "The Hammer" Martel in France. After that, came the Crusades which put more pressure on Islam and what followed can be explained by any cop who deals with domestic disturbances. Losers tend to get violent and very controlling with independent thought being the first casualty. After that, "Islamic Science" became a memory.

Western science took off during the Reformation and the Age of Reason. The question of the day is about the ability of the Islamics to perform a similar transformation. If they don't, the current world war will only intensify, and the taffy pull of Muslim science will be revealed as nothing more than the liar's club it really is...

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