The Price Of Eternal Youth


Diane West

In a new book by Diana West—The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization—reviewer Christopher Orlet writes in The American Spectator:

"West concludes with a stern warning that permanent adolescence puts us at risk before a confident and imperialist political Islam. Not surprisingly her critics have had at her for implying that it takes self-assured grown-ups to recognize and respond to the threats posed to Western Civilization—that immature tree humpers and naked peace marchers are not up to the job. William Grimes of the New York Times dismissed West's book with the headline "Dress like Your Child, Terrorists win." Understandably, West's critics are discomfited. The price of eternal youth is inflationary. No one likes to hear that his worldview is infantile, and it is all the more unsettling when statistics and research support your thesis."

This might be an interesting read. Whether we can all agree that the liberalization of adulthood has made "happy feet" cowards and "naked to the teeth" hedonists who neglect our more somber duties of citizenship of far too many of us still grappling with the ideals of our founding fathers, I too suspect that something is wrong when we refuse to face up to the mortal threats imposed by the slow jihad, or the massive Islamic immigration surge seemingly bent on bringing its own cultural mores into the West rather than integrating into the host cultures, especially when coupled with the rise of authentic and militant aggression by those radicals also speaking in the name of Islam. And instead, turn the vitriolic back onto those who would stand against the well-documented dangers all civilizations have faced.

Parasitic Islamism: When the Guest Consumes the Host.

Islam will not tolerate encroachment upon a Muslim’s freedom to worship and behave as Allah demands, and will use not only all but any means to achieve the submission of the violating party, i.e. surrender from the host country.

“When Muslim minorities become frustrated by the unworkability of a pluralistic society, either because they believe they are discriminated against or their expectations are not met, they become antagonistic to their host society. This is so much more so when they perceive the majority as having transgressed the limits of previous coexistence and encroached upon their freedom of worship or conduct. In such cases, they use Western vocabulary (freedom, tolerance, democracy, human rights, etc.) to impress upon their hosts that while they wish to play by the rules of their adoptive countries, it is the latter that violate them. In more extreme cases, like with some Muslim fundamentalist leaders (religious actors par excellence) in London, they claim that they came to Europe in order to change it, not to be reshaped by it, or they reject Western attitudes altogether. This sets the Muslim minority, and especially the fundamentalist elements in its midst, on a collision course with the host authorities. Militant elements among this disaffected minority may seek political or cultural autonomy (such as the London Muslim ‘Parliament’).

“In India, Muslims had conquered the land and subjugated Hinduism, but when Muslim power was eroded by the British, Islam sought and achieved separation from the Hindus for the most part, rather than submit to the democratic rule of modern India that would have allowed the Hindus to exercise political domination over the Muslims. When the majority of Indian Muslims established their own state (Pakistan), their 'ulama spoke of the reinstitution of the Shari'a as their state law. There was no alternative to this arrangement if one bears in mind the fact that Islam is incompatible with other political ideologies."

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