The Notion Of Minority Status


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WATCHING THE HYSTERICAL REACTIONS to Barack Obama's election win, one would think Obama had been the first person of African or so-called minority descent to ever have an opportunity to succeed any where, any time in history. But one look at the globe would tell us otherwise. People of African descent are in complete and utter control of vast sections of the world. Most if not all of Africa proper is completely controlled by indigenous Africans, depending on how you classify North Africa.

This land mass by itself is several times larger than all of Europe. Head over to the new world, we see most of the Carribean islands are controlled by people of African descent. Go to South America, we see a large part of Brazil, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Up in the United States, several of its largest cities are run by African Americans, including the nation's capital. Minority status with these numbers is hardly an honest assessment of peachy keen status in this game of power of others. We also know that the Asian and the Africa peoples also practice a finely tuned form of racism within their own more generalized ranks.

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