The New Secessionist Movement?


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Gerald Celente of the Trends Research Institute reacts to the financial crisis on a Coast to Coast radio show. He speaks of tax revolts and even regionalization of America as an affect of Americans wanting no part of a federal government. Does this suggest a new secessionist movement? Here's a tip I ran across at the Confluence site:

When I was a DV advocate I received several threats from angy husbands. They decided we could take the class that police officers take without any extra cost. I learned to shoot a shotgun, a rifle, self-defense and use a 357 pistol. The shotgun is a bitch and almost took my arm off, until I was taught to lean forwad to the point of putting all my weight forward. I became a pretty good shot.

My grandparents always said that the necessities weren’t meat and veggies, we could grow those. The run was on things like flour, meal and sugar. My grammy always froze our flour and meal for a week, then put it in the cabinet. She learned a long time ago that it kills the eggs inside the flour and meal that I guess occur naturally. I do it now, just because I grew up with it, freezing it increases the shelf life by months.

Sage advice, my friends. And here's a link suggesting that the plastic liners inside tin cans can be dangerous, in fact more dangerous than the toxins inherent in plastic water bottles. According to the FDA, 17% of the American diet comes out of cans, and many of those have an epoxy liner made with Bisphenol A, a chemical which can mimic human estrogen and which is linked to breast cancer and early puberty in women. While the leaching of BPA from Nalgene water bottles and other polycarbonate bottles is a concern, the danger from canned food may be greater.

All this convenience we were sold by science seems to be nothing more than a delivery system for early death. Most of us will never lives as long as our grandparents, or our great-grandparents. This system is screaming out for a hard fix. And we may be getting it, one way or another.

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