The New Confederacy

Islamic-American Flag

Desecration of US Flag

If those operatives from CAIR were to win their heart's desire, all of America would groan under the stifling burden of sharia law of a newly victorious Islamofascism strapped against this fair nation where humble but dedicated men like Washington, Lincoln, and two Roosevelts once fought to maintain the splendid ideal that the happier citizen is that free citizen united with liberty and justice for all, absent all despotism, especially the craven religious sort. But imagine that this new regime, this new confederacy, this United States of Islam, God help us all, would bring you: mo money mo money mo money.

Immigration from crumbling or oppressive Islamic regimes into America on work and education visas continues unabated. Political refugees are another steady stream of disingenuous residents. It is not bigotry to suggest that most of these immigrants are not coming to the United States to become an American citizens seeking and respecting the liberty of the union set in motion in 1776, but to become demographic soldiers for Allah, to conquer new land for Allah, their warrior prophet, and for themselves in an age when most of the planet frowns upon this concept of manifest destiny. But many, if not most of these new immigrants bring sharia law from a distant land and a distant time and an unmalleable attitude toward new ways.

Given enough time to fester, these Islamic groups will begin to press for those privileges promised Muslims in their Qu'ran. Every detail of the infestation is written in their takeover manual. The Islamic population is the US is still small at 2-3%, but they are quite adept at finding ways using the US Constitution to help deploy their militaristic privileges. Thanks to our dhimmi leadership now several generations thick, infiltrated by Muslim traitors, the United States Government has sold out the American people in exchange for a global fraternity party invitation. The empire is over. The caliphate will be the next to rise. The war on our soil and Europe will not be pretty.

Only one question remains. Can we in humble repentance to our own faith turn back this lethal assault on our crippled divided nation when the time finally arrives to face the consequences of our past meaningless decisions in the rejection of our better natures?

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