The Most Incorrectly Used Word In America

racist-the word

Racist—The Word.

YES, VIRGINIA. Racism exists in America—and it exists in all races, socio-economic groups, heritages, populations, tribes, and imaginations. It cuts across every line man dares draw in the sand. And let's face facts. Racism is not the exclusive domain of white males living in the south, driving a pick-up truck while kissing his shotgun. That is a stone cold fact.

The definition of racism is a simple concept: Racism is the belief that one’s own race produces a particular superiority over any or all other races. It is the opposite of the concept of equality—and is anathema to MLK’s exhortation to judge one another by the content of one's character, not the color of one's skin. Racism is rejected by most reasonable and educated people of good spirit. Don't misunderstand me, good spirit is the key factor of innocense and empathy, although education and reason are often great partners.

“Racist” is the most over-used and most incorrectly used word in the English language of our age. Even so, however, there is a growing number of educated people who practice an agenda of racism based on a politics of ever receding grievances and envy. Just look at the United Nations. Or Saudi Arabia and its satellites. Or Malmo, Sweden. Or the Democratic Party in America.

And that's not even mentioning the sad and dangerous notions of religious bigotry that engulf the world today.

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