The Islamic Slave Trade, Part 5

THE LAST OF THE VIDEO series on the Islamic slave trade and the worldwide conspiracy to keep all its players unpublicized, past and present. In other news, in commentary of the recent Fort Hood massacre by an Islamic jihadist in an American uniform, Hesperando writes on this venerable Veterans's Day:

"People are afraid to speak up about Muslims who behave suspiciously."

The problem is not merely "CAIR and others". If it were only "CAIR and others" demonizing Islamorealist critics, we would not have this general antipathy throughout the West to condemn Islam and to condemn Muslims who follow Islam. Surely "CAIR and others" do not have that kind of reach and power. The source of this immediate fruit—this massive denial about Fort Hood—as well as the much more massive cornucopia of denial throughout the West about Islam in general, is not merely "CAIR and others."

it is much broader and much deeper than that. It is a sociological phenomenon reflecting a general predisposition among Westerners, not a phenomenon of individuals and small groups exerting strangely extraordinary influence over strangely passive Western subjects. The broader and deeper sociological phenomenon, the sea change of Western consciousness into PC dominance over the past 50-odd years, explains why "CAIR and others" enjoy the remarkable degree of traction they do.

Absent that broader and deeper sociological phenomenon, "CAIR and others" would be a marginal, and largely ridiculed if not also officially condemned and legally prosecuted rag-tag collection of eccentrics. As it is, unfortunately, their propaganda tactics resonate within a larger sociopolitical climate that is not of their own devising, but which they cleverly exploit.

Entire civilizations disappeared off the face of the earth under the charge of the Islamic jihad as these cultures tried to appease the invaders to no good end. It should sicken each and every one of us that certain people are hiding behind the corpses of these soldiers, shamelessly performing acts of self-immolation, self-denigration, and self-sacrifice at the altar of Allah all in an effort to avoid offending politically savvy Muslims. Sad and degenerate.

Muslims has always spread Islam through Jihad. They have been doing it for 1,400 years. Destroy the Camp of Islam despite the odds against us, despite our bankrupt nation. We must circle the wagons, hunker down, and free the suffering Muslims from their ideological nightmare. That is the task before us. Anything else is a wretched cowardice.

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