The Gall Of Simplicity

WE FOUND THIS SHORT ENTRY FULL OF amazing clarity and insight. Don't forget to check out the author's blog:

I saw one of these suboids interviewed in a recent Panorama or Frontline about the death of Bin Laden. As he was talking about killing it was obvious that his pleasure centers were lit up like the macy's fireworks and he went into some kind of romantic, blissed out state while fondling his kalishnikov. It wasn't just a show of what they ignorantly consider strength. He had genuine romantic feelings for that weapon and the death it could bring.

Ten thousand years of human civilization has passed that guy and the rest of the Taliban Neolithics by. While our ancestors were building the first cities his were sacking them. While ancient traders were spreading wealth and culture between east and west his were raiding their trade convoys.

Even the kalashnikov he loves so intenesly is testiment to what the civilized world can produce yet he consciously choses to fight for the return of the stone age. The dystopia he longs for would be incapable of creating even one part of his beloved weapon.

This really is a conflict between civilization and barbarism.

And yet we discover other unabashed harbingers of clarity voicing outrage against what seems to be an inspired caricature of an American presidency:

The short-form BC released in 2008 was supposed to be the original "one and only". Now the MSM gives this illegal alien muslim marxist bi-sexual abortion loving Israel hating Kenyan-born punk from Chicago a "do over" with this second different-looking long form BC which is now supposed to be the original "one and only". Anybody who actually refers to this fake phoney piece of garbage as president needs to have their head examined!! He has dual citizenship alright; citizen of England AND Indonesia!! This old school pot-head needs to be cuffed and perp-walked out of the WH straight into Gitmo with his mooselim bro's. The fact that this punk said America was not a Christian nation but could be considered one of the largest muslim nations is grounds enough for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to relieve him of command as Commander-in-Chief.

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