The Fire Sale Of America


Captain America

Here's a fucking thought for you in the cocksure crowd. There's one thing that seems apparent to me. You have been invited to the fire sale of America. The Democrats seem intent on giving America away, and Republicans seem hell bent on selling it to anyone, but the Saudis and Chinese, in particular. I'm not going to back these fragments up with any data. There is already plenty on this blog to read on these leadership failures. Use the labels and keywords to search, if you're truly interested.

Frankly, it looks to me like everyone is suited up for the big game and ready to throw the other team off the field. Well, the news from here is the game has been rigged for a long time, and the men and women don't have much choice but to play out the roles designed for them by their own hearts and minds according to the script written by the Greatest Author Of Them All whose text is so powerful it is almost unbelievable. So now both sides are playing the same game based on cowardice and greed. The politics of envy rule the day. The players themselves are not really divided in this game where straight and narrow centrist radicalism is the only strategy with a chance to thwart the outcome of this long continous slide into the mud of foul politics, but these players merely want to be in control, and bring their buddies to the party. For the rest of us, this fact is readily apparent. We however just can't seem to hoist a leader capable and willing to tell us the truth, to tell it from the mountains to the shores, in the cities and in the fields, to encourage those of us who want to kick the old mess into the sewer where it belongs so that the true America written on paper and only slightly modified through the years can stand up and resist its enemies, both those inside and those still outside the lands which we are duty bound to defend.

Or we might as well turn the other cheek right now, and watch our own heads roll into the gutter of cowardice and dishonesty along with the rest of those talking tools...

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