The Emerging Radical Center


The Radical Center

Well, don't say I didn't fire a few warning shots over the bow some ten years ago when I first mentioned the emerging radical centrism of my own mind. Because I did. And with relish do I recall the haughty eye rolls every time I suggested that both the greedy Right and the mendacious Left in this country were foolish if not downright evil, and were ripe for subversion if not outright doomed.

Here is the siren call from a new blog I found today called Partizane that seems to address the fledgling aims of a fresh perspective I had articulated back in the convivial era of the original Team Sworgsters, those four or five international cohorts gathered under the cautious helm of the Scenewash Project just long enough to witness the obvious notion (although we called it the sworg swill) that personal orbit is always more compelling than some flailing intellectual discourse executed for false flags and flagging bravado, before we too sputtered and disbanded, each to our own kind in an uncommon burst of common sense.

We can only hope that this recent mass defection from the undemocratic Obamanation continues past this election cycle and doesn't burn itself out like so many other energies of similar striping. Here's a taste of the current upheaval:

MAYBE WE'VE BEEN HAD. I mean it. Maybe for the last X years we've been drinking kool-aid. Maybe, just maybe we've been listening to the wrong people. We all know the world is upside down. We're living in a Vonnegut novel that ends before it starts, where left is right and right is left. Up is down and down is up. A fantasy world where Democrats follow a Rovian Rasputin and Republicans follow a Truthsayer. Well here's something else to think about.

We just had our first Tweety Awards and gave a deserving Maureen Dowd the honor of being the first. Think for a minute about all our nominees and the nominees we'll be tearing apart next week. Tweety, Markos, Dowd, Cafferty, Jeralyn, Sally Quinn, Andrew Sullivan, Campbell Brown. A few others were suggested but the point is find me a winger in the list. Find me a Fox news commentator. Find an O'Reilly, Gibson, Novak, Kristol or Will.

Sexism, Misogyny, whatever you call it seems to be coming from the left not the right.

I had the thought that maybe they've been preparing to do battle with Hillary for the last few years and intentionally dropped sexism from their commentary. But I don't really think so.

What I saw Wednesday night was a Republican party that does what successful republican business people do. They may fight change but know when to quit, accept change, embrace it then move on. Highly successful businesses, when they see game changing technology coming, buy it and embrace it while their competition gets rolled over. The Boston Globe, purchased by the New York Times, was an early big investor in the Web because they follow the theory that it's better to be the one putting your old ways out of business than to let other people do it to you.

Read it all.

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