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BOTH OF THE PRESUMPTIVE CANDIDATES for the highest office in the land need to read and listen as to what the American citizens of this country want. We don't hear anything about the real issues that affect us in our daily lives, and, they never mention what their plans are to implement the solutions.

What about the rising taxes we're paying for goods and services to illegal immigrants, taxing our seniors' social security benefits, having already paid their dues and taxes on it? Stop taxing the meager savings of people who have money in a savings account.

Tell us more about this plan to give illegal immigrants social security when they return to Mexico? Explain the NAFTA Super Highway, a project that will gut the center of our nation linking us with Mexico and Canada; the main depot located in Kansas with Mexico in full charge of it. What about the Berth at the Port of Long Beach? The Chinese maintain this Berth and will not permit our Coast Guard to inspect or even enter within a certain distance; it's guarded by armed Chinese guards against our own military personnel—how secure and safe can our ports be if this is allowed, and what would either one of these candidates do about this?

What happened to alternative fuels and supporting this solution to our energy crisis? Brazil should be consulted on this issue, and the American people should be adequately informed of these details. Could our alternative source be sugar cane instead of corn? The south can grow sugar cane; remember the days before the Civil Wa which was once a major crop in the antebellum south. Sugar cane makes a better alternative fuel than corn. It burns cleaner and hotter.

The woeful lack of refineries is the reason we have a shortage of useable oil for gasoline, because no one wants an oil refinery in "their backyard".

Nhat about stemming the flood of illegal immigrants coming here filling entry level jobs, that used to be filled by older high school students and college students so they could earn some extra money and gain some work experience, instead of the illegals who stay on these jobs a life time making careers out of them. What about making English our national language, so we have a unifying bond, instead of a country that's increasingly becoming the historical "Tower of Babel".

What about bringing the corporations back to our shores so the American people can have jobs? What about having sizable tariffs on goods from foreign countries, so the things "Made in America" can compete with the foreign market?

Why don't the candidates tell us the real reason we're fighting for democracy in Iraq? It's because we need to be allied with them if we want to have access to an untapped source of oil; they have oil.

What do they plan to do about the "Issues of America" or are we to think that all we're interested in is their small town jibbes at each other. We need a President that wants to repair a wounded country—we're hurting from the inside out; we have wonderful men and women dying for a great cause in a land far away. These brave soldiers are fighting and dying for something that could benefit many if the right direction is allowed to prevail.

Are either one of these two candidates up to the challenge?

Thanks to Dianne Long from La Mirada, CA for her inspiring words!

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  1. Gabriel Thy | August 13, 2008 at 2:59 AM |

    Thank you Mr. Peterson for setting the record straight.

  2. Whoops. Chinese military.

  3. I would like to clarify the situation at the Port of Long Beach.

    No berth or terminal at the Port of Long Beach is guarded by members of a foreign country's military. Your suggestion that there is a berth or terminal at the Port of Long Beach that is under control of the Chinese miliary is not true. The statement probably stems from a decade-old controversy involving the redevelopment of a shut-down U.S. Navy base in Long Beach and the China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO).

    Piers at the Port of Long Beach are leased to terminal operators. These terminal operators are joint ventures between shipping firms like COSCO and American stevedoring firms.

    COSCO ships have been calling at the Port of Long Beach since the early 1980s, after President Reagan took the final steps to normalize trade with China. By the 1990s, COSCO's trips increased to the point that it sought its own terminal. That's when it looked into joining with an American firm to lease the new Pier T, built upon the old Navy base site.

    There were rumors at the time that COSCO would somehow militarily occupy its terminal. That has never been correct. COSCO eventually partnered with SSA, an American firm, to lease another terminal, Pier J.

    The piers are owned by the city of Long Beach. The shipping firms like COSCO lease the terminals through their joint venture terminal operators.

    The foreign shipping companies do not have military bases in the Port of Long Beach. All official security, policing and military functions are American. The U.S Coast Guard and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency take active roles in inspecting and patrolling ships, terminals and waterways of the Port. These agencies have full authority to enter any terminal and ship when these agencies deem it necessary.

    As an international shipping port, the Port of Long Beach is necessarily a place where foreign companies -- and American companies -- do business. There is no “occupation” by any foreign government at the Port of Long Beach. In addition to COSCO, there is also Hanjin, a South Korean company, and “K” Line, a major Japanese shipper, and CMA CGM, a French concern, and OOCL, another Chinese firm. Matson, which ships primarily between Hawaii and the Port of Long Beach, also has a terminal here.

    Furthermore, the terminals are staffed by American longshore workers, not to mention the American employees of the shippers and joint ventures themselves. In the coming months, all of these workers, including the truck drivers, must obtain federal Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, or TWIC cards, for which they must pass a background check administered by the Department of Homeland Security. Thank you for allowing me to post my comment. Please go to for more information.

    Lee Peterson, Media Relations Specialist, Port of Long Beach.

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