That Other Awkward Presidency

When in doubt about the veracity of the big mouths, all you have to do is listen, right? Well, here's Pamela of Atlas Shrugs whacking off to Bill. For my money, they both seem a tad too self-deluded for the "body language" test. Details are leaking out of the region after years of misinformation. Milosevic was hardly an instigator. As news has trickled out in recent months, it's not hyperbole to mention that Clinton picked the wrong side in Bosnia. That the war criminals were not Croatian, but Kosovo Muslims who were committing atrocities on a daily basis, and had started that war, as they have picked fights just like their war manual instructs them to do all along the southern fringes of Western nations they have encroached?

Actually my take on the Clinton war games fiasco is simple: the Saudis wagged a finger, and that was that! The Saudi Arabian connection knows no bounds. They are our enemies, and can cripple the US economy in a New York minute. Holding trillions of petrodollars with threats to convert to Euros is a powerful incentive for our spineless leadership to do Saudi bidding. They build wahabbi madrassas preaching hatred all over the world, we fight their wars, defending the kingdom like a mercenary force.

We must stop this madness!

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