Tea Party Yearnings For Jinnah's Pakistan?

THE FOUNDING FATHERS OF PAKISTAN knew and realized that religion is a private matter. Most espoused that there was to be a separation between religion and government. Therefore all subsequent governments that were formed, subsequently making changes to the constitution, challenged and corrupted the principle of of the partition itself. With the celebration of Muhammed Ali Jinnah's birthday Pakistani are being hypocrites. All what he stood for has been washed away and only the name Jinnah remains. What a shame! Is this the legacy of the secular Jinnah? The whole history of Pakistan has been rewritten but to the serious researcher, that body of work demonstrating those critical democratic principles Jinnah stood for and propagated in his life is easily available. Go back and understand the MAN and his stalwart principles and then rebuild Pakistan in the name of Jinnah and Iqbal.

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