Viet Nam

Lies, Damn Lies, And The Statistically Challenged Media

FRIGHTFUL CASE COULD BE MADE made that in the age of television, and especially since 1967, there has not been a news event of major transformative effect that has not been presented to the public without serious distortions. Some have been outright lies. Damn lies even. The seriousness of the effects of these distortions cannot be understated. Here are a variety of examples as put forth by Yaacov ben Moshe over at his Breath of the Beast blog: In 1967 the world was given the impression that the great victory in The Six Day War had solved the Middle East...

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But Isn't The West The Bad Guy?

uthor Christopher Hitchens is first slammed by a marginally young peacenik, whom one presumes doesn't believe that blood should be shed for oil, and then by a well-spoken elderly gentleman who claims to be a Marxist. Hitchens swings back in typical fashion, not missing a beat, quickly dismissing the notion that the West is the bad guy in this struggle against Islam. Funny stuff in a sad way. Here, Chris Hitchens mops up spilt milk by telling the elderly gent Marxist where to get off the Hitchens' train. Below are a few quotes from Hitchens for your investigation.

More Tancredo Blowback

s this discussion of dropping a nuke on Mecca getting out of hand? While liberals trot out their usual stuff, and conservatives, well, do kind of the same thing, here's a fresh perspective from the annals of hindsight: Maybe he's not so crazy. Back in 1968, Curtis LeMay was running as George Wallace's Vice president. He said we could stop North Viet Nam from over running South Viet Nam by dropping 2 bombs on Hanoi and Haiphong. Liberals and conservative called him nuts; however if he had done so, There would have been no Communist victory and the deaths of...