C.S. Lewis On War And Humanity

ost of us here in the Mid-Atlantic states are feeling the cold whipping winds of winter roar in today, so to warms ourselves let's turn to an inspring piece of video homage to CS Lewis from a fellow named John-Michael, while I sit here in my easy chair unable to pull myself together enough to get to the studio to paint.

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Must See Video From Horowitz

hat Really Happened: Israel has continued to be victimized by the Arabs and the world at large, despite the best intentions of the United Nations, Great Britiain, and her own people after World War II. Check out this video, a well-produced piece by Terrorism Awareness contradicting with detailed fact the foul propaganda of Jimmy Carter and the anti-Israel lobby. Not much news here for the truly informed, but the video is a powerful testament to the absurdity of the thinly veiled quasi-Palestinian argument. Knowing Jihad: The threat is worldwide and coming to an explosion near you. Forget the mainstream media...

Patton Speaks Out Against Apathy

merica has produced many mythological warriors, and among them is General George S. Patton. Born in 1885 to a privileged family with an extensive military background, Patton attended the Virginia Military Institute, and later the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. He participated in the 1912 Olympic Modern Pentathlon, and was instrumental in designing the M1913 "Patton Saber". Patton first saw combat during the Pancho Villa Expedition in 1916, taking part in America's first military action using motor vehicles. He later joined the newly formed United States Tank Corps of the American Expeditionary Forces and saw action in World War...

Citizen Morgenstern

itizen Morganstern. The tipster responsible for helping authorities thwart a possible terrorist attack on a U.S. military base said Tuesday he experienced a "moral dilemma" over whether to report what he had seen. Isn't this what the left in this country have been trying to achieve for a couple of generations now, creating moral dilemmas where none should exist. The very fact that this young man was beseiged by doubts about the morality of ratting out "people of color" despite what he was seeing on those tapes, says something very sad and highly disturbing about how powerful a whip the...