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We Failed To Heed His Advice

The John Birch Society (JBS) is an American political advocacy group that supports anti-communism, limited government, and a constitutional republic. It has been described as radical right, and from its earliest days has faced much ridicule and derision from mainstream and leftist opposition. However, it's obvious that we failed to heed the advice Welch offered in this video, and now we are paying dividends to those forces he rightfully opposed.

Established in Indianapolis, Indiana, on December 9, 1958, by a group of 12 led by Robert Welch, Jr., a retired candy manufacturer from Belmont, Massachusetts. Welch named the new organization after John Birch, an American Baptist missionary and United States military intelligence officer who had been shot by communist forces in China in August 1945, shortly after the conclusion of World War II. Welch claimed that Birch was an unknown but dedicated anti-communist, and the first American casualty of the Cold War.

Welch developed an elaborate organizational infrastructure in 1958 that enabled him to keep a very tight rein on the chapters. After an early rise in membership and influence, opposing efforts by people like conservative William F. Buckley, Jr. and The National Review led the JBS to be identified as a fringe element of the conservative movement, mostly in fear of the radicalization of the American right. It should be noted that oil industrialist Fred C. Koch, founder of Koch Industries, and father of the infamous brothers Charles and David Koch still operating today, was one of the Society's founding members.

With Just Cause And Full Effect

I AM SUPPORTING only one organization to stop this president's healthcare program: the League of American Voters. And I am encouraging concerned Americans to funnel their support to the League as their main venue for donations with just cause and full effect. I believe the League has the most effective program to confront directly and stop Obama's ruthless and radicalized healthcare takeover plan.

Obama is moving to ram through Congress his plan and all our resources need to be focused to stop him. Also read the League's urgent message below!

Dear Supporter:

Sn our last message, we warned that Obama was on the run, desperate to get his radical health plan rammed through Congress. But Obama's falling poll numbers, and the fact that outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax are fully informing Americans about the dangers of the plan, have hurt him and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's efforts for their healthcare fiasco.

They are desperate. Obama out-and-out lied this week when he claimed that the AARP, the nation's largest seniors organization, backed his healthcare plan. The organization does not support it. Nancy Pelosi has even compared citizens protesting against the health plan with Nazis. These futile attempts of Obama and Pelosi to twist reality prove that our efforts are working!

This weekend, we will begin our national TV ad campaign. We are rolling out our powerful new TV ad — devised by Dick Morris, our chief strategist. Dick's ad exposes how Obama's plan will lead to healthcare rationing if he succeeds in adding 50 million people to the government system. Remember, you can't let your guard down. Obama and the Democrats know they no longer have the 60 votes to pass the radical health plan in the Senate.

We are told they are working behind the scenes to change long-standing Senate rules so that they can pass their health plan with just 50 votes! This is again a desperate measure and an attempt to subvert our democratic and constitutional system.

I can assure you the League of American Voters is working day and night to stop Obama's plan. We are also preparing for contingencies. When Congress returns after Labor Day, we must line up all our forces for the final battle. I realize many people are on vacation or feel confident we can defeat Obama's plan. Please don't fall victim to overconfidence. It is critically important that you join with the League of American Voters today and help us defeat Obama.

Thank you.


Bob Adams
Executive Director

Same Sad Tale Of Greed And Domination But We Like It

THIS IS THE HOUSE that fell on the mouse that Jill and her best friend Jack built. Or something like that. Well, it's gobble gobble gobble super-corporation time again! Capitalism eats its own young again. Damn! And I'm such a big fan of capitalism, too. Why does it have to be this way? Why does it always move toward brutal corporatism and homogeneity? I've never uncovered the answer to this mystery? Surely the flaw is not in the blueprint, but is a conscious decision made at some point along the growth baseline. In other words, the capital enterprise doesn't have to evolve into high corporatism, if it wasn't that that creature yesterday.

A couple of years back (see this previous BB post) when TextAmerica tried to assert ownership of the images their users were uploading, I created an application that let users pull their images out of the site and either save them locally or upload them to MoblogUK. The upcoming move to a private paid members only community seemed like a good reason to dust off the old importer and get it working again so that users who might be in danger of losing 2+ years worth of images have a way to save their data!
In fact, a few years ago I belonged to some one of the early blogger entities, but after a couple of days of earnest activity I allowed my account to fall dormant. Later, I tried to return to the site, failed at log-in, having not kept a record of my log-in information, instead relying on my memory of the usual suspects. So, I tried to create a new account, and was repeatedly rejected for the next few weeks. The name of that rather fabulous (I still like its original concept and interface) site was TextAmerica. It had the great idea to charge for what had been a "free" service.

Then Textamerica deleted all content related to those old "free" accounts—the ones created by their earliest and arguably most loyal users. My account had been blocked, and during the transition phase, I wasn't even offered a chance for a paying account.

Moral of the story: TextAmerica went belly up in less than a year. Its domain name is now used by some other type of company which seems to be a loser, something from the late 90s or for mid-school children, if the contents of their rather bleak homepage over two years later is any indication.

Counting Votes Properly Matters To Women

FOURTEEN THOUSAND DEMOCRATIC volunteers are turning against Obama. This woman is correct. Voter fraud is a major concern for ALL Americans. Counting votes properly matters to women of both parties. We seem to be swept up in another rather frightening tide in our nation's brief history. Let's welcome, and study diligently our candidates so that we can vote appropriately.

Gravel On Palin

JUST WHEN YOU THINK the political ball couldn't bounce any wackier, here comes former Senator Mike Gravel (D-AK) with a lot of good things (and zero BAD THINGS) to say about the pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as John McCain's running mate. Indeed, quite a shocker! Thanks Senator. I was appalled at an earlier rant I heard from you a few months ago, but this interview is the most level-headed piece of political speech I have witnessed from the peace movement Left in quite some time.

American Elitist Or Just Another Victim

THIS ELECTION IS NOT in the least bit funny, or in the bag for Obama or McCain, but I can guarantee you this election is a serious attack on what passes and fails the sniff test for common sense. Of course, the vote must go on, and to my distant friends and close enemies alike I admit that this lifelong registered Independent has decided to vote for common sense, even though my ambiguity is showing again. Ha! But I know who I am supporting in this election where party goons are not only in the pocket of big business and foul dictatorship dreamers, they speak the vocabulary of change as if tomorrow were just another yesterday. Still don't know who we are supporting?

Some things just can't be swept under the table...

Elitism or victimhood? Thugs by any other name. You make the call.

Meanwhile, here's a take on what's happening to the Obama-driven Democratic Party in terms of the colluding liberal MSM from one of the newly alienated Dems over at The Confluence:

BTW, guys, in the midst of the gross sexism going on, do not forget that there is a big element of classism going on as well. One of the reasons the press hated the Clintons so is that they were OUTSIDERS. They weren’t your usual Ivy League elites. They are hating Palin for the same reason (plus misogyny). She is not part of their little cocktail gossip circuit. Bill and Hill were white trash from podunk Arkansas in their eyes, and Palin is white trash from Alaska.

The press hates Bubbas with an astounding venom. And McCain just picked a female Bubba. Both Hillary and Palin are “double weenie threat” to the Georgetown Social Club. Not a fan of cocktail weenies, AND do not have weenies. So the press goes batshit, as do the loafered elites in the Dem party.

Not pretty, is it?

District Forging Surveillance Network

More good news on the Big Brother Front. No, I'm not kidding. Done properly, this program only makes good sense. If you want to criticize somebody, might I offer up the name of Osama bin Laden for his loathsome contribution to bringing the New World Order to "America the Paranoid (if you hate surveillance)" one quickening pulse at a time.

Or America the Naive (if you hate to think critically), take your pick.


THE DC GOVERNMENT IS launching a system today that would tie together thousands of city-owned video cameras, but authorities don't yet have the money to complete the high-tech network or privacy rules in place to guide it.

The system will feature round-the-clock monitoring of the closed-circuit video systems run by nine city agencies. In the first phase, about 4,500 cameras trained on schools, public housing, traffic and government buildings will feed into a central office at the D.C. Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Hundreds more will be added this year.

By making all those images available under one roof, officials hope to increase efficiency and improve public safety and emergency response. But civil libertarians and D.C. Council members say the network is being rushed into place without sufficient safeguards to protect privacy.

"The planning has been wholly lacking," said council member Phil Mendelson (D-At Large), chairman of the Committee on Public Safety and the Judiciary, who plans to hold a hearing on the project.

With its vast reach, the system underscores how security cameras have multiplied since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. By this fall, the District will have installed about 5,600 closed-circuit cameras, about triple the number it had in 2001. Tens of thousands of other cameras have popped up at monuments, banks, stores and other places.

Elsewhere, New York has announced a network of 3,000 public and private cameras to protect Lower Manhattan. Chicago's emergency management office will soon have access to more than 6,000 cameras run by schools, police and other agencies.

The boom has been fueled by technological advances that make it easy to install cameras and search video. But U.S. cities—and D.C. government agencies—have varying rules on the cameras' use.

The D.C. attorney general's office is working on a policy to protect privacy rights, but it will not be completed by the system's launch, said Darrell Darnell, head of the city's homeland security agency. The agencies involved will follow their own rules in the meantime, he said. They vary on such matters as how long images are kept.

Read it all.