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Gaming The Government Shut Down

President Hard At Work

We all enjoy a good story, although I prefer the charms of reality to fantasy (what the Left apotheosizes). As the debt continues to stack up the Left squawks with ass-cracking pitch in redirecting blame for the shutdown away from Harry Reid and the Obama administration's jump ball routine onto Ted Cruz, the Tea Party and the rest of the impotent backwater Republicans. Details being what they are, I suggest we prepare a brief timeline for our convenience, shall we...

Sept 20th: The GOP-led House votes to keep government funded through Dec 15th, but only if the president agrees to defund Obamacare.

Sept 24/25: Ted Cruz makes his 21 hour long filibuster, railing against ObamaCae and advocating a shutdown unless the Democrates make the outlined compromises on the health care law.

Sept 27th: The Democratic-led Senate rejects and removes the House-passed defunding of ObamaCare, sends bill back to the House.

Sept 29th: GOP-led House changes its demands from defunding ObamaCare to delaying the implementation of the law for one year and repealing its tax on medical devices.

Sept 30th: The Senate says NO to the reworked House proposal. Bill returned to the House, who once again rework their demands. This time, instead of the Sept 29th provision, the House GOP ask that the president delay for one year ObamaCares 'individual mandate' to buy insurance; and that the president require Congress and its staff to pay unsubsidized health insurance costs. The Senate rejects those provisions, and so…

Oct 1st: The partial shutdown begins and 800,000 government workers furloughed.

Oct 2-9th: The GOP-led House begins approving bills to restart popular government programs, including the national parks and museums, National Institute of Health medical research, FEMA, the FDA, and Head Start. The Democratic-led Senate ignores or reject these actions as 'piecemeal' governance and incentivizing the GOP to keep the shutdown going on longer.

Oct 10th: Boehner proposes a six-week debt limit extension with the compromise that Obama discuss spending cuts. The House leaders meet the president and no agreement.

Oct 11-14th: A bipartisan group of senators work on a bill to reopen government and avoid defat. Harry Reid and McConnell begin their talks to extend the debt limit and reopen the federal government.

Oct 15th: After much talk the House votes on a new bill to end the shutdown and extend the debt limit, that ultimately collapsed when Boehner asserted he did not have the votes. The deal required Congress to pay more for its own health insurance. Democrats said no, and the 'tea portion' of the GOP rejected the proposal because it didn't go far enough to fight ObamaCare.

Oct 16th: The Senate comes to a deal to temporarily halt the shutdown and extend the debt limit. It passes both the House and Senate shortly before midnight.

Oct 17th: The president signs the deal into law, shortly after midnight.

What was the ultimate result for the GOP? Seemingly nothing but further suspicion and distrust from the majority of citizens who don't follow every hiccup in the hoochie coochie sideshow that passes for political activity in this country these days. It is always good to remember that the House is charged with originating all spending bills. If you check the Congressional Record you will find that the GOP-controlled House voted all the money required to keep all government activities going—except for Obamacare. That is the salient point in finding fault for this terrible waste of time and taxpayer money.

—Adapted from online comment by Lynda Groom

Congratulations, Mr. President

As we have learned six years later, Barack Hussein Obama believes that HE IS THE LAW of the land...

THERE WE HAVE IT. The end of an era. A turn of the page. A so-called post-racial but racially-charged election is now in the books. And the winner and 44th President of the United States of America is the junior Senator from the Great State of Illinois—Barack Obama. We, at The Two-fisted Quorum, offer no apologies for owning our votes, and casting them for the opposition, but now that the Democratic ticket has won this historic election, it is time to move on past the ugly tactics this election process on both sides of the aisle could never transcend. It is time to act like grown-up Americans, always on the watch, but never the sore loser...

This will be a tough cycle. Our enemies who will still insist on hurting us as Americans, and our enemies who will still resist this election are surely lurking amongst us and within us. Let us join our neighbors in praying that President Obama be granted the courage to accept the things he cannot change, change the things he can, and be granted the wisdom to know the difference.

And let us all echo the sentiments expressed by John McCain in his concession speech last night in Phoenix.

May we be inspired to find that all of our fears and anxieties of a radical leftist—smug, thug, and snug in the pockets of corporate interests—sitting in the White House were misguided and nothing but ephemeral mists now evaporated with the pulsing warmth of the sun because here is a new kind of national leader who truly does love America and ALL its people...

I even read today that he is bringing back all the manufacturing jobs our corporations so cavalierly sent away. Rebuilding American industry so that we don't depend on steel and other integral products from our enemies has been a major issue for The Two-fisted Quorum.

May we also not be fooled again...