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Russia Weathering Market Crisis

Empty grocer shelves...

MOSCOW—As the stock markets in Russia tumbled again Friday and the Kremlin continued struggling to shore up the nation's banks, Maria Isayeva emerged from a subway station near Victory Park and shrugged off the crisis with a laugh.

"It only affects the rich people! It doesn't affect us!" declared the 61-year-old retired bus terminal cashier, who seemed amused anyone might think she owned stocks. "We're okay. We're surviving, and we have enough to eat."

Isayeva admitted feeling anxious that her children might face hardship in an economic downturn but appeared more concerned about how others in the world were faring. "I just feel sorry for the Americans," she said.

Despite a stock market that has suffered one of the steepest falls in the world, a banking system on the verge of severe upheaval, and mounting evidence of troubles in the rest of the economy, people in Russia remain remarkably calm, even sanguine, about the impact of the global financial crisis on their country.

In interviews and surveys, many Russians expressed unease about the economy, and some are bracing for a meltdown like the one that crippled the nation a decade ago. But so far there is little sign of panic, much less anger, underscoring how insulated most Russians are from the financial system, how effective the Kremlin has been in controlling media coverage of the turmoil, and how fully people here have embraced capitalism, for better or worse.

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Remember, Russia has oil, weaponry, and awesome mismanagement skills. A gruesome combination. What would Obama do? Wish the MSM would ask him? Me too.

Leaving Iraq To Its Own Oil And Iran

Iraqi Oil, American Blood

EL PRESIDENTE George W. Bush and his merry band of Americans on both sides of the aisle have been played by the Iraqi ex-pats, pick-pocketing politicians, purple-fingered moms and pops, blood-thirsty tribal chieftans, scowling clerics, and let's not forget the optimistic Iraqi bloggers too. Yes, all those brave Iraqi bloggers and their words of Democracy and Freedom, who instead of joining the Iraqi Army and fighting por liberté et égalité, scooted off to graduate schools in the United States. Taqiyya writ large.

The graft-burdened Americans have been played by the Turks, Saudis, Iranians, and Kurds. And the most maddening aspect of the unruly attempt at regime change and colonialization by another name is, if one were to ask the average Iraqi, as polls show, he and she would state the opposite—in their feverish anti-American, anti-Jewish fervor, they paint the events in Iraq as nothing more than an American Neocon-Zionist plot to attack Islam.

And that being the case, do we fight for oil now, or do we allow Iran to consolidate power with Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon. That seems to be the destiny of the region. Leave Iraq now, or let's start really knocking heads over there, dammmit!