Same Sad Tale Of Greed And Domination But We Like It

HIS IS THE HOUSE that fell on the mouse that Jill and her best friend Jack built. Or something like that. Well, it's gobble gobble gobble super-corporation time again! Capitalism eats its own young again. Damn! And I'm such a big fan of capitalism, too. Why does it have to be this way? Why does it always move toward brutal corporatism and homogeneity? I've never uncovered the answer to this mystery? Surely the flaw is not in the blueprint, but is a conscious decision made at some point along the growth baseline. In other words, the capital enterprise doesn't have...

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Google Maps The Early Global War

Here's a link to an interesting global incident watch by Google, actually an interactive map which displays thumbtack hot spots and information on the particular alarm. There are also other global alarms available as well.