Thought Patterns

"It's obvious that Deleuze (the least academic of philosophers) has been co-opted by professor types, tenured radicals and aspiring tenured radicals who in fact are about as radical as your average accountant, and who have zero understanding of the working class or of schizophrenics, two groups Deleuze himself identified with. But none of that for today's PH.d candidate; it's just another fucking job to them. Might as well be associates in a law firm on route to becoming partners." p_antschel Could not be plainer myself. But we understand that's the way it happens across the board.

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Mann's Stupid Undergrounds

Stupid Undergrounds by Paul Mann Department of English Pomona College Postmodern Culture v.5 n.3 (May, 1995) Copyright (c) 1995 by Paul Mann, all rights reserved. This text may be used and shared in accordance with the fair-use provisions of U.S. copyright law, and it may be archived and redistributed in electronic form, provided that the editors are notified and no fee is charged for access. Archiving, redistribution, or republication of this text on other terms, in any medium, requires the consent of the author and the notification of the publisher, Oxford University Press. i. Zone - Apocalyptic cults and...