Stratagems Of War, Not Empathy

An interesting point made by JSLA at Jihad Watch:


How does Islam continue to survive, given its penchant for self-annihilation and outward aggression?

I reiterate a point I've made recently which touch on this subject of "womens' rights" within Islam: Focusing on the way Islam victimizes women (or anyone else) is a slippery slope. Yes—speak out on it—the vileness of Islam in all its dimensions needs revealing badly—but buying into the victimology cult of Islam, and especially pitying or crying over the way Muslims victimizes themselves will accomplish nothing. Not only does this play into their Islamic victim-pimping culture, but tacit within this approach is an expectation that Muslims ever will rectify or reform these heinous abusive aspects of Islam if only we point them out...

It will never happen.

I believe we should stress the sinister aspects of such stories as " forced marriages" mainly with a focus on how it harms us and our society—not how it harms the Muslims. The damage Islam wreaks on Muslims is their affair, and their fault, and as it is not our job, as it must NEVER become our impossible job to be the reformers of Islam—it is also not our part to be the mourners for the myriad ways Muslims foul the world and themselves by perpetuating the barbarity of Islam.

Our moral suasion has proven completely inneffective with them. Muslim "morality", such as it is, is immune to our sensibilites. Muslims can and should be shamed for the horribleness of Islam. But Muslims never will be shamed into changing their vile beliefs. Islam seems singularly designed to strengthen in proportion to the suffering and horribleness it inflicts. S

Shaming Islam and Muslims should have one purpose, and one purpose only: to subvert their arrogant adherence to Islam, and to shatter Muslim confidence in Islam. The nasty inumerable failures of Islam must be shoved relentlessly down their Muslim throats until they absolutely choke on it. That, or the Muslims will triumph in the end by shoving their Islam down our throats until we are the ones left choking and gasping for air. That is the way Islam has come to shackle over a billion slaves so far.

In this specific case, is the suffering of these women sad and deplorable? Of course. But it is of far more import to us that Muslims are furiously and concertedly working across the spectrum to swell their numbers in our land as quickly and ruthlessly as possible. THAT is the portentious critical kernel, the 'takeaway', of this plot. The incidental suffering of a single Muslim woman here or there is immaterial to our fate, if we don't focus on what is important.

Who is encouraging this concerted frenzy to import more and more Muslim men into Dar-al-Harb? Who is coordinating this exploding trend? What is the explanation given, the exhortation made to act thus? Muslims are doing this whether they hail from Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or "Palestine".

And they are doing it in Brooklyn, London, Paris, Lackawanna and Lodi. Why?

Learn the answers to these questions, and you'll be closer to understanding the true nature and scope behind their Islamic war against us. This isn't just some quaint barbaric custom from some random primitive culture. It is a broad multi-pronged vanguard war maneuver to swell Islam's ranks behind enemy lines while the infidel enemy remains asleep and confused. JihadWatch should not be fueling that confusion by missing the larger and deadly purport of such stories, or conflating trivial tragedy with sinister widespread Islamic enemy tactics.

But as Ronald Reagan cautioned—the United States should always seek to maintain peace through strength, in other words, without American strength as our stick born for international deterrence, no number of concessions or carrots offered in weakness, will ever convince the bad players that it is in their best interest to keep their inglorious war stratagems put away, never to see purpose of action.

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