Stalking The North American Union

Here's another scathing take of an unstable and disastrous future posted by a Jihad Watch commenter who goes by the telling handle—Susanp.

Obama Grin

President Obama Loving the Limelight

FOR ANYONE WHO BELIEVES that the furious trans-globalist, internationalist traitors in the Obama adminstration and beyond, including the annointed one, are not champions of the New World Order, global government, open borders crowd, why did Obama make this statement last week while entertaining the president of Mexico: "America is not defined by its borders."

What, pray tell, defines America in the mind of this Manchurian Candidate, anti-Christ imposter who was elected president by my fellow Americans, most of whom assumed that his promise of 'change' meant change for the better, not a fast track to socialism/communism with obsequious pandering to arrogant, hostile muslim immigrants thrown in for good measure? America is the only sovereign country in the world that refuses to protect its borders and keep illegal aliens out, and Americans are the only people who are condemned, demonized, called racists and bigots for demanding that our immigration laws be upheld and our sovereignty defended.

The 'North American Union' project is not dead and the elitist tycoons have not abandoned their monumental and cherished endeavor. It is very much alive, with the goal of merging Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. into one big borderless union similar to the E.U., with its own currency, parliament, and behemoth bureaucracy. Its foundations are being laid as we speak and it will happen, perhaps not in our lifetimes, but eventually. I see nothing that can stop it except mass revolt by the people of all three nations, and I just can't envision militant Canadians. The Mexicans would love it and who knows what Americans will do.

It will be accomplished in stages, accompanied by the usual lies, obfuscations, and deceit so the peasants don't revolt in fury and with a complicit media providing cover, what could go wrong? When the perfect storm comes along, it will be foisted on the people and proclaimed their only salvation from whatever profound and chaotic 'emergency' they create to consummate their ambitious venture. Several states amended their constitutions in anticipation of this outrageous plot, and that is proof enough for me that it exists.


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