Speaking Of Deporting Muslims

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Writes some misunderstander of the times in which he lives:

Speaking of deporting Muslims, how do the Dutch plan to transport them out? Will it be in ships, like King Ferdinand did to Jews in 1492? Or should we transport them in cattle cars, as Hitler did in 1942? Never again means never again for anyone. THAT'S why Fitna and "Fitna logic" deserves widespread condemnation. Sound advice if you are a sand crab, but this misunderstanding bystander is aptly reproved by this run of the mill crusader:

If you really bothered to understand the film, you would realize it is a protest against the minority of radical Muslims who are causing all the problems and a wake up call to the silent majority of Muslims who do nothing to oppose the Islamic supremacist terrorism that is based on the Koran by the violent terrorists. Fitna logic? The cold hard fact is that every country has its own culture and historically has expected immigrants to adopt the culture to which it is arriving. Why should Muslims be any different because a few of them are violent and cannot synthesize the fact they are not overlords and special cases as their "noble koran" insists they are.

Dozens of Islamic websites gleefully show the same pictures of violence shown in Fitna, supported by the same warfare quotations from the Qu'ran. So where is the culpability now?

We have the usual apologists and nut jobbers who try to defend this Islamic rage against Fitna by saying that somehow we who are free haven't been 'educated' (i.e., not brainwashed) about Islam, or they simply lie about the facts at hand.

Here are some facts:

(1) A Muslim cleric declared "The Jews are the Jews. They are the ones who must be butchered and killed."

(2) Interspersed with images from the July 7 bombings in London are pictures of the placards of radical British Muslims. "Be prepared for the real holocaust" is the slogan carried by one woman in a burqa.

(3) Another Muslim cleric gives us a REAL education about his religion: "The day will come when we rule America. The day will come when we rule Britain and the entire world."

Please take note. These are MUSLIMS making these remarks (NOT Jews, Christians, Zorastorians, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Homosexuals, Rednecks, et al.). Bottom line is that these dolts who are attacking Fitna or the Danish cartoons or just about anything that point out indisputable facts are admitting how hateful it is when it is Muslims themselves—using these same those texts from the Qu'ran—who are spewing this hate. Sadly, they don't comprehend this rather self-evident perspective before they fall all over themselves defending the indefensible.

But like the self-hating bigots they are, these limp-wristed apologists blame those who point out these rather easily observable facts to the general public.

Wake up, my friends! How many more Theo Van Goghs (who was actually murdered), Pim Fortuyn (murdered), Salman Rushdies, September 11s, car, bus, plane, train and nightclub bombings, et cetera, have to be suffered before we wake up to what is really going on with the Muslim world.

The Muslim cleric tried to "educate" us as to his meaning, if you have the ears to hear, and the eyes to see: Muslim leadership is planning to overrun the West and take away our hard-won freedoms. They plan to force innocent young girls into a life of slavery via forced marriages, genital mutilation, stonings and whippings, gang rapes, and being murdered in the name of 'honor.'

Are we that jaded or blind that we desire this kind of life? Didn't we move past much of this already?

People complain about the Christian Right in the United States. Even many of the so-called "moderate" Muslims make the most extreme fundamentalists in ANY OTHER religion act seem like a bunch of Big Lebowskis. Many of these Muslims are just trying to put food on the table—yet are capable of running with the pack of howling wolves when the numbers are on their side, as their Koran dictates and history confirms, and no one in our media or national leadership utters a peep. No one bans these dangerous websites that regularly advocate terrorism and murder. Yet, we who only wish to live in the liberty and grace of our own heritage are accused of being hateful when we point out what THESE BARBARIANS THEMSELVES utter from their own mouths!

In many ways I'm more concerned about the so-called "moderate" Muslims who work behind the scenes to hijack our liberal values of democracy and tolerance in order to destroy and subvert those gifts than I am about their terrorist brethren. At least Al-Qaeda has the "decency" so far to only hijack planes and trains. Their so-called "moderate" counterparts, in collusion with, as Lenin might have put it, their "useful idiot' apologists are quite busy hijacking our laws and freedoms, threatening fellow passengers, corporations, schools and universities, with lawsuits and considerations for special priviledges, blurring the line between religion and state far beyond that line for which the ACLU takes the other religions to task.

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