Sour Dissention On The Team


Sour Dissention On The Team

Two old hands in the anti-jihad movement have suffered a critical impasse, what looks from several vantage points, like a seemingly permanent one. This riff between Little Green Football's founder Charles Johnson and the European freelance essayist working under the pseudomyn of Fjordman has been going on for a while, deals with those subtle matters found in any "guilty by association" smear, and has been reported on by several independent sources. Both have been liberally linked and quoted on this site. Now Fjordman himself, musters up his substantial response, published on the Gates of Vienna blog:

I recently announced my intention to take a long break from posting at the website Little Green Footballs due to the ongoing controversy regarding the participants in the counter-Jihad in Europe. Shortly after, Charles Johnson announced that Fjordman was “taking a permanent break. After the misrepresentations he’s posted about me and my views, despite being corrected many times, he’s not welcome at LGF.” Just out of curiosity, and with no intention of posting anything, I tried to log in to my account at LGF and discovered that it was blocked. I’ve now been officially banned from LGF, after having posted comments there at irregular intervals for several years.

I have a few unofficial rules I try to stick to when I write essays. The first one is that I should cooperate with as many different people as possible, religious or non-religious, right-wingers or left-wingers (yes, a few sensible left-wingers do exist, even if you have to dig for them) provided I think they have a sensible approach and contribute to combating the global Jihad. The other one is that since I write under the pseudonym Fjordman and not my real name, I try as much as possible to refrain from criticizing those who make significant contributions while using their real names. I will have to deviate somewhat from these rules here because, frankly, I feel that I don’t have much of a choice in this particular case. I cannot pretend that what has happened during the last few weeks didn’t happen, and I have to write some kind of response since the rift between me and LGF now has become permanent. So here goes.

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