Solar Energy On My Mind

I SAW THIS SOLAR TECHNOLOGY ON TV, and my first thought was, ‘I want that for my bunker, but it's probably some flimsy worthless scam.’

So far, my online research hasn't churned up any dissenting opinions, but plenty of cookie cutter touts of this gadgetry. The My Solar Backup generator operates solely off the sun's thermal energy, and supposedly, can even charge while one is using it. Topping out at 1,800 watts of power which should be ample for most mid-sized homes, what are some of the reasons why one might balk at this green solution.

Well, despite the much hyped feel-good demand for green power, it is both and expensive and dirty business. Right now this company has a deal where they've dropped the price from $2,097 to $1,597, but that is definitely a lot considering you can buy a gas powered generator that generates 2,000 watts of power for about $200…

Having just moved to the Virginia Blue Ridge outback I have yet to be without power in an emergency situation but if one can afford the price tag and have a burning desire to install an eco-friendly source of back-up energy, this technology appears to be an excellent choice.

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