Silence Of The Lambs


Making Sense of Islam Is Forbidden (Silence of the Lambs)...

Unfortunately, many strong forces prevent much of any possible Muslim cooperation in working with Western authorities. As we've written before in these pages, we don't expect to welcome very many defectors from behind the falafel curtain, or even those who have immigrated to the West, perhaps even less so. As the sophisticated German bartender in Amsterdam who'd overheard me comment out loud, almost rhetorically, "Why is it the French refuse to speak English (we had just left Paris after a week there)—quipped, "Because they already have their own language" without a hint of irony or sarcasm, some people just have their own ways." With regards to those strong forces, thanks to Traeh Lewis for breaking it down for us in no particular order:

1. family solidarity
2. fear of violent retaliation by jihadists
3. fear of violent retaliation by families of those turned in
4. fear of ostracizing by the Muslim community
5. sympathy with jihadist goals (rule by Islamic law), if not with jihadist methods
6. sympathy with jihadist methods and goals

These six categories of influence, in varying proportions for varying Muslims, are informing the hearts and minds of the vast majority of Muslims from cooperating with Western authorities. Note that in the UK, polls have shown that some 50% of the Muslim population fits into category #5.

Oh, the gall to even attempt to address this issue without reaching down into my pockets for a handful of jizyah, like our governments continue to do with millions of foreign aid to these hapless cultures, and let’s not forget that just posting this makes me a xenophobic, intolerant, racist bastard. I am counting the minutes before hearing these epitaphs used to shout down the detractors of this bill, even from members of my own family and friends. Tsk, tsk...

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