Shrink That Thing

There are more than 1300 federal agencies in our guvmint. I've got an idea. Close 10 per week; select them with a lottery; it will take more than 2 years to close them all. Give the federal employees 30 days to tell the American people what they do for us and how much it costs; propose private sector entrepreneurial endeavors that are of value to us. Then Congress, after consulting the people, can pass bills to consolidate, streamline, and make competitive with industry, every guvmint agency; ten at a time. That’ll keep 'em busy doing the people’s work. And, it will fund guvmint at levels justified by our current economic malaise. Meanwhile all those highly paid guvmint workers can find out just how difficult it is to find a job or to make a business run with all the "help" we get from our guvmint!

While we're at it, let's repeal the 17th Amendment, strengthen the states, counties and towns. Put faces on our neighbors. Offer joy, hard work, testimony into our world.

Danger is often a stranger. And sometimes Satan comes as a Man of Peace.

But this Great American Experiment must be reconstituted from the ground up. We struggled for a more perfect union but we settled for a more corrupt union. We lost our way, but we can save the republic if we honor our forefathers who believed that America, by definition, can be summed up in a word, and that word is potential.

But we must not give up the fight.

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