Sheikh Anwar Al-Awlaki's 44 Ways To Support Jihad


Sheikh Anwar Al-awlaki

WILL OUR WESTERN LEADERSHIP ever renounce this dhimmitude, this hunger and thirst after Saudi money, this allegiance not to America, but to our money lords in China and the Middle East? This man Al-awlaki, born as an American, was once hosted at the Pentagon as the voice of Islamic moderation, but now we see that the American leadership was sucker punched yet again.

The "apparent" moderates, this silent majority tucked away into our neighborhoods like ticking time bombs will never renounce jihad. They will bide their time, living off the largesse of its host country until the numbers game begins to increase in their camp even more favorably. Only then do they begin their direct violent assault on the kafir, the infidel, the unbeliever. History is clear. This is how the Muslims have interpreted and implemented their war book since the very times of their founder, that grizzled war lord and sex-crazed imposter named Mohammed. Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. Why should it? They, with their Leftist allies, are winning this war of attrition against the naive and disinterested. They have snookered the West, and with the billions of oil dollars circulating in their mosques and mouthpieces, the infamous Islamic ego has been unleashed upon the civilized world once again, and it is written in their very own death manual, the Qu'ran, that blood will run in the streets and rivers before, they, with Allahu Akbar searing their throats and melting their eye sockets are resolutely stopped in their tracks again...

So we've gotten our hands on a circulating publication by America's Most Wanted Terrorist, an American-born, American-raised malefactor now hiding somewhere in Yemen it is speculated, but is currently under warrant for to stand trial treason or perish by officially-sanctioned assassination if he can't be captured.

Everyone should download this manual, and learn that most, nearly all perhaps, so-called Muslim moderates do not exist; they are merely gestating jihad in one form of another. And again, this approach is straight from the mouths of active terrorists themselves, duly commanded by their tactless Qu'ran, and implemented against every culture this band of tribal lords have ever invaded along the course of its 1400-year history, spreading its darkness across Africa and Asia, and now again the West.

(Editor's Note: Site and Video have been removed) But beforewarned, it is clear that this is an authentic terrorist recruiting website, and here's how I know that. Reading their front and center disclamer, one finds:

“The views presented in this article/video do not reflect the views of the (RM); rather this article/video is posted only for educational and informational purposes. The blogger and RevolutionMuslim is not affiliated with any terrorist states or organisations and condemns all forms of terrorism carried out in the name of freedom and democracy.” (italics mine.)

Not only does that RM site host all the latest “inside” information, the disclaimer contains the often glaring tell-tale sign the anti-jihad resistance has learned to detect as we parse their statements:

“…and condemns all forms of terrorism carried out in the name of freedom and democracy.”

This is classic taqiyya, tricky wordplay, a snake-charmer’s charade meant to console and fool the kafir just as the loudest and most loquacious spokesmen of al-Qaeda et al remind us, we are quite certain that Muslim terrorists do not carry out their butchery “in the name of freedom and democracy.” So tread lightly. Don't be snared. Don't be scared. Just be warned.

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