Separate But Equal?


Death to All Jews & Christians

Iurkey, once known as Asia Minor, is a land that was once highly Christianized. The locations of the seven churches who received messages in Chapters 2-3 of Revelation all were located in this land. Today, it is over 99% Muslim—though I understand it is more secular than many of the Taliban-type Muslim lands. We met some wonderfully "nice" Turks when we were on a cruise ship one time. With over 80 nationalities on board—the Turks had above average representation—and may I say—all were extremely kind.

I am aware that Christians are highly persecuted there—so none of this is really new as info in general. Yet I am glad that we are being reminded of this injustijce on Dhimmi-Watch as the EU was just debating inclusion of this country (I think I read that it got shot down—help me folks??). Should nations that relegate Christians and or Jews to second class status be major trading partners with us?

Facing 1-3 years in prison is pretty harsh for simply having a belief in Christ—but compared to what we read about the young 14 year old martyr in Iraq who was Islammed by BEHEADING 2 weeks ago because of his Christian ID badge notation—I suppose this is mild by comparison.

ISLAM—coming soon to a location near you!

Contributed by BB in Europe...

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