Rutherford B. Hayes vs. Barack H. Obama

Obama (Above It All)

Obama (Above It All)

OUR CURRENT POTUS, often characterized by the adoring press as the smartest president evah has caused yet another stir, this time by badmouthing a certain 19th century president, and touting his own ability to "look" forward and not backward, as was the case with this former chief executive, Rutherford B. Hayes of whom it is rumoured to have had no use for the telephone when it was first introduced to him at the White House. At Breitbart's Big Journalism site, a commenter pitched a few reality curves he'd pilfered from a Rutherford site (temporarily unavailable at the time of this writing), chin music at the current baffled and baffling president that we just had to republish...

Not a big deal. In and of itself. However, I have found the Hayes misquote and slur to be an appropriate and entertaining opportunity to mock not just Obama’s constant disregard for truth, facts or accuracy but for his pettiness. Does the man ever give a speech that he’s not attacking someone? And his basic nastiness— “That’s why he’s not on Mt. Rushmore.”

And the right responded, appropriately, with humor. Making fun of Obama’s lack of knowledge and all the rest.

There is a website with hundreds of Hayes pictures captioned with responses:

1. I took a bullet in the Civil War. You took 1m dollars from Bill Maher.
2. We didn’t have 50 state in 1877, much less 57 states.
3. Not on Mt. Rushmore because the media didn’t cover for me.
4. In 1877, telephones were the future, windmills were the past.
5. Put first telephone in the White House. Didn’t see the need for a teleprompter.
6. I may not be on Mt. Rushmore but at least I’ve never been compared to Jimmy Carter.
7. Never used the word trillion.
8. OMG, Barack. Don't believe all the Rutherford B. Hayes quotes you read on the Internet. SRSLY."
9. Also not on Mount Rushmore: Democrats
10. Hayes: Rode a horse in battle while swinging a sharp sword and dodging musket balls. Obama: Can’t ride a bike on a quiet Sunday afternoon without mom jeans and a safety helmet.

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