Runaway Liberalization Policies


Malmo, Sweden

I'M WRITING FROM Sweden. Things are looking really bad here. Well, they have been for years actually—I live just outside of Malmö. The incidents that are referred to are all with the involvment of young Muslim males.

Here in the surburbs we have young Muslim males cruising in their vehicles all the time. Burglaries have gone up explosively—my family and I have had 3 burglaries in under 9 months! There have been 3 recorded rapes in this little surburb of 5000 people, a lot of violence against young Swedes and many more incidents. We are actually afraid to go out in the evening. That was not the case just 3-4-5 years ago. People feel unsafe and sometimes I talk to others about moving eventually, maybe Norway or some place else in Sweden.

Some 1-2 months ago I was at the local office in Malmø and a foreigner drew a gun after an argument with a lady. He shortly threatened her with the gun pointing in her face and then ran away. I came just minutes too late and had the whole incident described to me by a shocked witness. For days I waited for the media to write about it, but I have not seen anything yet. I cannot believe that it was not reported, but I am afraid that the journalists are taking the next step. That is, simply not to write about the upcoming crime at all!

I think all the people of southern Sweden have a feeling of that something is totally wrong at the moment. So much crime, so much violence. It has become normal like a colleague said to me.

That is a sad story, but all too common in the West now days, but you, and other Swedes, don't have to live with it. Embrace the spirit of Charles XII who was reported to have once said, "I have resolved never to start an unjust war but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies."

“We better get used to it, it is just a natural development in our modern society with the liberal values. We have to put faith in the politicians, they know about this!” Inside I get angry at this naive and hopeless position. Why does it have to be this way? Are things in Denmark and other parts of Sweden not normal? The experts say that crime is not rising, that it is the same as it has always been, people just record more. It makes me sick to see these experts week after week, month after month.

But since I am from Malmö I cannot remember having experienced things like these ever:

In Malmö, I saw a man, 35-45, attacked by two young males a year ago and decided that I was going to testify, but the man who was attacked did not want to go to court. He lost some of his teeth and I helped him picking them up.

I have seen 3 car accidents the last 2 years and I find this strange, but each time there were young Muslim males involved in the car crash. One time they went totally nuts and were about to hit a younger lady who was in the other car and without fault with a bottle. And when the ambulance came they were about to fight them and one of them eventually got arrested when the police showed up.

Every now and then shouting and pushing in the streets when the Muslims get into arguments with each other. It’s seems so aggressive and Swedes get threatned when they dare stop and look at the argument.

Last summer some colleagues of mine had rocks thrown after them by some minor youths (10-11-12-13 years old). One of my colleagues told them to “Beat it” and was hit by a rock in the back when he turned around. He had to go to the hospital and could not work for 3 weeks.

My nephew, 19 years old who lives with my brother and his wife in Malmö, has been attacked 3 times in a short period of time. Each time he was jumped by a gang of 5-10 muslim males —sometimes much younger than he is. There are witnesses, but they are too afraid to step forward and to talk to the police and meeting in court. The second time he was beaten up so severely that he had to go to the hospital for a week. The police arrested some of the attackers the second time, but since there were “no” witnesses they could not go further.

My nephew’s younger brother, 14, tells tales of frightened Swedish teenagers who are terrorized by Muslim males in school. Every day some one gets something stolen. They all know who did it, but the teachers shut their eyes and the police won’t do anything about it.

He can tell of classmates getting robbed when they go shopping in Malmö. Some of the Muslim males even bring weapons to school and flash them in the classroom to both impress and schock the other children. The school has been set on fire a few times.

I know that there are many good Muslims out there and that it is only a minority of them who are causing all these problems. But you cannot say anything these days —immediately people get suspicious and ask if you vote for SverigeDemokraterne, which I believe is a racist party with proven Nazi-relations.


There's your problem, Fredrik. You're afraid of what people will think if you vote for anything but a liberal party. Why CAN'T you say anything? Why can't you speak up against crime and intimidation? What liberal values ever extolled crime? Why would people get suspicious about someone who wanted law and order? Why are you afraid to stand up for your own right to exist?

If you want change you need to be willing to change your own voting habits. Instead you're snookered by people who say the opposition is "racist" or "Nazi". Talk about political correctness! The old axiom is as true today as it ever was: people in a democracy get the government they deserve.

That is a sad story, but all too common in the West now days, but you, and other Swedes, don't have to live with it. Embrace the spirit of Charles XII who was reported to have once said, "I have resolved never to start an unjust war but never to end a legitimate one except by defeating my enemies."

If it's choice between a Swedish racist, and a Muslim dominated society, I know which one I'd choose. Besides, anyone who doesn't tow the Liberal multiculturalist line is going to be labeled a racist. If SverigeDemokraterne is calling for a stop to Muslim immigration to Sweden, and the expulsion of those who won't conform to the values and principles of Swedish society, that does not make him a Racist. It makes him a defender of Sweden and the Swedish way of life. Too often people allow themselves to be intimidated and beat down by name-calling politicians.

And it sounds like that's what's happening with Swedes.

Name the problem: Muslims in Malmo are engaging in bullying, threats and ghazi raiding, as per their observed behavior on three continents over 1300 years, in order to intimidate the locals and seize territory. This has to be confronted and stopped while Muslims are still essentially outnumbered, and these runaway liberalization policies stopped until humanity has thoroughly learned a few more lessons about civilized behavior, and can accord them without malice.

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