Revolutionary America

Revolutionary America

Revolutionary America

You might be surprized to learn that Muslims have been a part of the United States history since colonial days. Keith Barton of Wallbuilders presents a rather interesting historical analysis of Islam in early America here. Excerpted:

Is Keith Ellison actually the first Muslim to serve in the U. S. Congress? According to the national media, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” That may well be true; however, John Randolph of Virginia, who served in Congress from 1799-1834, expressed that in his early years, he held a position "in favor of Mahomedanism" and "rejoiced in all its triumphs over the cross [Christianity]." Randolph was not a Muslim in the same sense as Ellison, but he certainly cultivated what he described as a position of "natural repugnance to Christianity." Francis Scott Key, author of the "Star Spangled Banner," befriended Randolph and faithfully shared Christ with him. Randolph eventually converted to Christianity and became a strong personal advocate for his newfound faith. (Interestingly, Key reached out to Muslims, sharing Christianity with them and even purchasing for them copies of the Christian Bible printed in Arabic.

There were numerous Muslims living in America at the time of the American Founding. Islam had been introduced into America during the early 1600s with the entrance of slavery. It is estimated that ten percent of slaves were Muslim, many of whom became free and lived in America but retained their Islamic faith. There were therefore early Muslim communities in South Carolina and Florida; and there were enough Muslims that by 1806 the first Koran was published and sold in America.

Of course, that was then, and this is now, and it seems everybody appears to be playing for ALL the marbles now, so strap in for the long haul. This fight could get nasty.

Just remember this is endgame politics at play all across the globe. The reckoning ofthe powers into three or four camps. While oil certainly has a seat at the table in this discussion about the future of the world, if anyone believes that “it is all about oil” that person is not seeing the true character of the drama. Oil has indeed financed the rise of the Islamic world, forcing a more balanced strategy of the geo-political treasure and stakes, but oil will not last forever. There are other strategies of world domination in play. Allow me to quote a fellow blogger named Thomas H:

Look at Norway for example. Norway is almost, if not entirely, energy self-sufficient. In fact, it exports its North-sea oil. Yet Norway is, after Sweden, one of the fastest islamizing countries in the world, frantically busy destroying its historical, national and cultural identity. The Norwegian government obsessed with the vision of the multi culti paradise floods Norway with unending river of Moslems and resorts to all possible means to muzzle the patriotic opposition to the outrage—while doing everything to convert the population to the new multicultural religion.

The Quislings are not frightened by some economical difficulties. They are inspired by their messianic vision. Exactly as their predecessors who spied and cheered for Kremlin. The useful idiots of every generation are available and ready to offer their treacherous services to all who they think is ready and able to scour the West clean of Christianity.

Their most recent and most powerful candidate is Islam, militant to its core. It is the functioning component of hatred of the Judeo Christian world in Islam, not its oil, that makes Islam the natural and perfect ally of the Left. If by some strange geological phenomenon, all the oil wells of the Islamic world, dried up tomorrow, it will not change a whit the ideology behind the arabization of Europe. It is that ideology not the oil that fuels the treason.

It is my contention that America must prepare herself for this latest assault on liberty (even if that liberty seems truncated to a certain school libertines). History shows that Napoleon was forced to re-institute certain controls after the French Revolution degenerated into an absolute malice of libertinism. So, whether against militant Islam or the hard Left agitators inside her fomenting for a yet another Marxist revolution, America simply cannot afford to look the other way as aggression builds in this battle for global supremacy.

Islam, looking for external cosmetic changes only, knows what it is doing because it has been reading from the same playbook for nearly 1400 years. The Leftist radicals among us, unfortunately, do not, as they cling to some imaginary peace that depends on radical behavioral changes of the heart complicated by human selfishness, and yet they think nothing of allying with the worst of all organizations, a religio-political machine armed with a death cult directive to bring to submission the entire planet to whet the senseless appetites of their version of God.

America must neither appease these invaders nor suffer their treasonous allies. Satan sometimes comes as a Man of Peace.

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