Religion Of Peace Flies Off the Handle Again

Religion Of Peaceniks, hardly...

Religion Of Peaceniks, hardly...

IT'S NOT REALLY A MYSTERY, but I suppose it's time to trot out once more the dizzying fundamentals in this old discussion in the wake of the nation's most tragic jihad attack on American soil since September 11, eight years ago. Hear the excuses lobbed in like small stones wrapped in bullying threats—I'm sure he just misunderstands his religion. He's just a lone extremist. And what about the Christian right types who kill abortionists, and uh, did I mention the bloody Crusades? Who actually started them? What what they fighting for? Extra credit anyone?

The murder and attempted murder of over forty US military personnel at Fort Hood, TX, yesterday is just the latest in several attempts by jihadists to attack military personnel stateside. This most recent example of what Professor Daniel Pipes coined as sudden jihad syndrome, we should once again without equivocation point out to our cultural relativist friends that as long as Qur'an-stoked fanatics rule Islam right now, it doesn’t matter a damn if this man had been, or any other Islamic-leaning dunderhead dares claim to be among that indeterminate group called moderate Muslims…

But this was no spontaneous event. There are numerous reports that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan gave away all of his possessions and passed out the ignoble Qur'an before tackling the task he had set for himself. Neighbors described Hasan as a quiet man who began wearing "Arabic clothing" in recent weeks. Edward Windsor, a neighbor, never suspected Hasan was in the Army. Hasan's rank surprised Windsor who would never have imagined an officer with a rank of major would have lived in an apartment that rents for $350 and houses soldiers ranked as private first class....

His history speaks for itself. This particular jihadist was suspicious above and below the call of duty, and as usual to someone who takes the ROP seriously, considered himself more a devoted Islamic believer more than an American military officer. Are ALL Muslims jihadists in waiting? No. But how do we sort them out from those who wish to simply get on with life?

The majority of mid-century Germans weren’t goose-stepping Nazis. The common peoples of Communist China & gulag-infested Russia never wanted to kill nearly a hundred million of their own people, but the ruling forces did indeed. Peace loving and moderate Germans didn’t stop Hitler and his minions. Peaceful, decent Russian and Chinese people didn’t stop their communist tyrants, either. But legion were the appeasers, the apathetic, the cowards.

Clearly then, the peace loving Muslims of today don’t matter in the frenetic scheme of things. These folks, whoever they are, are irrelevant, helpless, cowed, camouflage, et cetera, brainwashed since childhood to despise the enemies of Islam, an idea reinforced with their daily devotions, and thus will never engage to stop the jihadists, but in fact are much more likely to circle the wagons to defend and praise the jihadists. Nothing mysterious. Human nature, actually.

So, it’s up to those of us who have studied both the battlefield and the combatant. We’re the only ones who have ascertained the depth of our enemy's resolve, and it is we who must stop this invasion. Stop Islamic immigration now!

The state-controlled, mainstream, limp-wristed liberal media absolutely despise Christianity, for what they erroneously believe to be puritanical, antiquated and traditional values. Obviously, if Christians don't subscribe to the wanton slaughter of defenseless babies resting comfortably inside a woman's womb, then they must not be progressive enough.

But if that's the case, as it most certainly is, then why aren't the media screaming for the defeat of ALL Muslim terrorists, who are clearly still under the wicked spell of the 7th century warlord they liken to a prophet? Instead, the media treats Islam as a favored son, to be coddled, protected and even exalted by those who should know better and do know better, but have succumbed to their own Marxist worldview and immediate fears.

In other news, the Hollywood cartel who produced the new film, "2012", takes a rip at Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and basically every religious people on earth EXCEPT that of the favored son, the loudest, the proudest, the most violent religious group ravaging the earth today—Islam. They refuse to acknowledge fundamentalist Muslim terrorists because of one reason, and that reason is mere cowardice. They fear the obligatory fatwa from these barbarians at the gate, so they simply continue to ridicule the Christians, since clearly, THESE PEOPLE will not retaliate with a bombing du jour.

Evil will triumph when good men do nothing.

As my friend Kendra Adams puts it:

Your snark doesn't offend. The dhimmified nihilist post modern left offends. And, you're right. You know, when we all opened our eyes (those of us who actually did, I mean), I thought that we would just tell the people who didn't know and that would be that-- we'd all get outraged at this and defeat it. I had NO iDEA that that is NOT what this is about. I had NO IDEA the level of anti-Americanism that existed. None. I thought the left was a bit idealistic, maybe. I didn't know they really didn't mind undermining our values.

Yes yes yes! Well, I thought even those who sympathized with communism realized that our system was better. I mean, I thought they were being idealistic, as I mentioned. So, when I'd press them, and when they realized I was unsympathetic, they easily agreed that capitalism was better. but, I think now they just didn't want to get into it with me because they weren't ready for a real discussion. I didn't know that they TRULY LIKED COMMUNISM! I thought it actually IMPOSSIBLE that someone would prefer a totalitarian society. I thought that the general consensus in the entire non-Islamic world was that totalitarianism was evil. I was very naive.

This much is true about Muslims. Take note ye apologists and appeasers, dhimmis of all stripes. This man could have chosen many paths in solving his "moral" dilemma. Afraid of deployment? Check. Afraid to strive against fellow believers. Check. When confronted with the very real decision of where one's loyalty lies, a decision that most American Muslims can defray their entire lives, this Muslim posing as an army major chooses to slay infidels.

He did NOT choose to slink off to Canada. He did not not claim any sort of conscientious objection, although he did offer we are told to buy his way out. It's been eight years since his grievance began, right after September 11; why the delay? Eight years without an opportunity to bail out seems even in these times a long uninterrupted enlistment. But let's face it, he could have easily but did not claim mental health problems. No. Alone with Allah, his choice was pre-ordained. His decision was to kill infidels.

This man, like so many others, chose to be a Muslim first.

Islam is a religion of violence which promotes lying to infidels and the murder of all of those who stand in Islam's way. When the media reports on a person being a "pious Muslim" this MUST start sending up red flags in the minds of all of us. Unlike a pious believer in Jesus Christ, who most likely would attempt to emulate Jesus' pacifistic, non-violent and charitable lifestyle, the "pious Muslim" seeks to emulate the life of Muhammad, a pedophile who married and raped 9-year old girls, a man who tortured and murdered anyone who disagreed with him, a man who employed genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Jews and infidels of Arabia in the 7th Century, and a man who sought to dominate and destroy every non-Islamic society and individual on Earth.

If we were to look at religion as a computer operating system, then we need to be extremely concerned whenever the Islamic mental operating system gets fired up in someone's mind because the first lines of code that get executed during boot-up are the destruction of democracy, the subordination of women, and the eventual destruction of all non-Muslims through one-on-one violence or global Islamic jihad. Yes, Nidal Malik Hasan is a pious Muslim, and by all accounts rapidly getting more pious.

And the ultimate consequence of his increasing Islamic piety? A mass assassination of non-Islamic Americans whom he viewed—as a pious Muslim—as the enemies of Allah.

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