Redirection 'Til The Wheels Fall Off


Don't mess with me...

Nhanks to Molly Banner for the following observation. And she's not the only full-time American who feels this way...

As an actress here in Chicago who lives about one and a half miles straight west of the Sears Tower (the first thing I see walking out my front door in the morning), I have been scornfully laughed at by the snarky leftists who dominate my profession when I suggest that the Sears was and remains a target of the Islamic Jihad. It's not so much the target that flusters them as the idea that there EXISTS an active "jihad" that these pansy ass psuedo intellectuals can even consider.

However they never hesitate to warn this practicing Roman Catholic that they KNOW my Church has plans to "persecute" them because of their lifestyles or beliefs and create a theocracy in the US. I have decided to just agree and tell them that indeed everyday Benny 16 sends me marching orders in my email.

Help me Lord I feel like it is 1938 and I am trapped at the dinner party in Britain when Lady Astor proclaimed that it was not Herr Hitler she feared but "that warmonger Winston!"

Redirection 'til the wheels fall off...

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