Redefining The War

Hugh Fitzgerald has another point to make, and we take notice:

Sad Saga Of Homeland Security

America In Shackles

A war is on now. It will not be a "long war" (Cheney) or a "war lasting 20-40 years" (Blair). It is rather a war without end, for Islam commands Believers to remain in a permanent state of war—though not necessarily open warfare—against Infidels. It is a war that can be handled, contained, managed—but only if the Infidels, and those who presume to instruct and protect the peoples of Bilad al-kufr, the Lands of the Infidels, realize that the "war" is not only, and not even mainly, to be fought with missiles and planes and tanks and guns—though the former two will be useful in depriving Muslim states, and hence Muslim groups and individuals, of the most dangerous weaponry—and such action needs to be relentlessly pursued now, in the case of Iran. This "war" is mainly about the Muslim Money Weapon, campaigns of Da'wa, and demographc conquest.

And it requires an entirely different attitude toward Muslims in our midsts, including a willingness to take much stronger measures, to engage in mass education about Qur'an, Hadith, and Sira—properly simplified for a mass audience—and about techniques of dissimulation and lying that have been used to such effect up to now, and to enroll those in academic life not already compromised or misled, to diminishing the power of the collaborators and apologists of Islam who have taken over, lock, stock, and barrel, so much of the teaching about Islam and matters related to Islam, and are helping to produce a class of "experts" who are merely brainwashed victims of the agents of a kind of informal Islamintern International.

The squandering of men, money, and material in Iraq, and the exaggerated attention given Iraq, should and will stop, within a short time—Bush is now The Man Without a Country. It has taken a long time for his loyalists, so intent on remaining true to him because they have been blinded with fury at those who attack him for the wrong reasons, to come round—but now the farce of Iraq, the fiasco of Iraq, the sentimentalism about "ordinary moms and dads" and the bizarre attempt to liken the internecine warfare, marked by extreme cruelty, of Muslims on all sides in Iraq, as akin to, as alike, the American Revolutionary War, has now exposed Bush for being a man who is terminally confused and incoherent, grasping now at straw after crazy straw.

But it is important that the war end, not in order to return to Scowcroft-Brzezinski-Odom appeasement of the Arabs and Iranians, but in order to fight a more inteligently-conducted war, one that will exploit all pre-existing sources of weakness and division within the Camp of Islam. Appeals should be made, through propaganda, to persuade non-Arab Muslims to being to recognize Islam as a vehicle for Arab supremacism. Infidels should first learn, and then speak openly, and constantly, about the fact that the failures, political, economic, social, moral, and intellectual, of Islamic states and societies, are prompted by, reflect, can only be adequately explained by, Islam itself, and above all its habit of mental submission that prevents change, free and skeptical inquiry, the enterprise of science and even of statecraft, the art of Good Government, Buongoverno.

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