Ramadan At The White House

The United States has a proud history of standing with Muslims and "mainstream citizens across the broader Middle East," President George W. Bush said during a dinner to mark the end of the daily fast during Ramadan.


Ramadan At Bush's White House, but imagine if FDR had invited Hitler and Goebbels to toast Aryan Supremacy

Huh? Capers. Let's dig up a few Thomas Jefferson and James Madison papers on the topic.

Today, the president said, the world is at war with violent extremists who seek to stop the advance of freedom in Muslim societies around the world. “They attack holy sites, destroy mosques and minarets, and kill innocent men, women and children including Muslims who do not share their radical views. They believe that by spreading chaos and violence they can frustrate the desire of Muslims to live in freedom and peace. We say to them, ‘You do not represent Muslims. You do not represent Islam. And you will not succeed,’” he said."

Despite years of denying what the evidence seems prepared to prove, I now believe that our president is an oil puppet candidate, a stooge. A Saudi stooge, plain and simple. There is a long list of negatives that can be leveled against the President; but on the positive side of the ledger Bush will long be remembered as the President who brought down Saddam Hussein and who allowed this evil dictator to be brought to justice. Because this is precisely what the Saudis wanted him to do. Enter the House of Saud to cajole those mercenary Americans to come in, topple Hussein, and save the royal ass. A loose cannon without strong ties to Islamic superstition, Saddam Hussein had continued to bully his neighbors, earning their fear of him, but thanks to the Saudi-influenced Bush agenda now it's just the Saudis against the Iranians.

It is clear Bush doesn't represent America. He represents multi-national corporate interests and apparently has little walkaround grasp of the constitution, history, religion, ethics, or Islam. Or worse, he has cogently sold out the first four to the fifth, Islam for the sake of business as usual.

Remember those words issued from the Oval Office after September 11, which counseled that Americans needed to simply go about our regular business. Keep shopping. Here's some tax refund money to help you stay in the groove. Business as usual. Saudi Arabian business, that is...

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